Principal Product Manager, Strategic Programming & Engagement

Product Management Santa Monica, California



Hulu’s Strategic Programming & Engagement (SP&E) Product team is responsible for driving engagement and acquisition by using our product capabilities to program and deliver the best user experience for each of our 40M+ viewers. The SP&E team ensures that we optimally mix content curation with personalization, all using the right presentation and in the right context. Our ultimate goal is a functional programming strategy that is in seamless harmony across our subscriber base as well as all of our partner teams at Hulu. In other words, we succeed when we simultaneously make our viewers happy while also meeting myriad business goals and objectives. We are seeking a Principal Product Manager who will own and drive a segment of our programming strategy while partnering across the company to drive consensus and alignment, build new capabilities, and continuously test and iterate.

With proven experience optimizing critical, high-traffic surface areas, our ideal candidate will wake up every day with a passion for improving the relationship between our viewers and the shows and movies they’ve already discovered. The right person for this role understands that programming is not just about getting someone to discover something new, but that there is a blend of art and science in how we program and present familiar content to our viewers, and that this balance must be constantly tuned. To this point, our next hire knows that the key to understanding optimization at Hulu is through experimentation, and you will have no shortage of ideas and hypotheses that you are eager to test.


  • Develop a long-term, holistic programming strategy that blends new discoveries seamlessly with familiar content
  • Work directly with Hulu’s Programming Steering Committee to develop, improve, and evaluate elements of the strategy as they progress from concept to production
  • Use analytics and insights to propose and implement effective programming optimizations
  • Evangelize team priorities throughout all levels of the organization, regularly presenting and achieving alignment with senior leadership and key cross-functional partners within both Hulu and the wider Disney Streaming organization
  • Partner closely with Product Managers across the organization to help define product requirements and drive your roadmap priorities through their constituent teams and workstreams
  • Serve as our programming experimentation leader, helping to drive process improvements while also executing on a long and continuously rolling experimentation backlog


  • A minimum of 7 years experience in product management or driving strategy for digital media/streaming businesses
  • A proven track record of delivering product features and optimizations that drive engagement
  • Experience with user segmentation and cohort analysis
  • A strategic mind, always with a view further out than anyone else in the room
  • A consistent track record to find creative compromises in challenging circumstances
  • History of establishing and maintaining successful cross-functional relationships
  • Excellent communication and presentation abilities
  • A demonstrated passion for analytics and a willingness to dive deep into the data
  • A sense of humor


  • M.B.A. or Masters Degree in a relevant field
  • Advanced CS Degree