Senior Product Manager – Customer Journeys, Devices & Distribution

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Devices and Distribution (D&D) is a new and growing product organization within Disney Streaming Services, and it is focused on addressing the exciting and rapidly evolving landscape of consumer devices and distribution platforms.

The D&D charter is to:

  • Deliver broad subscriber reach on existing and new consumer devices
  • Accelerate international growth for our services by leveraging global distribution partnerships and integrated marketing, promotion and payment opportunities.
  • Drive a quality, localized experience for international users.
  • Innovate on the user, device and partner lifecycle to drive incremental discovery, signup, engagement and retention.
  • Influence the evolution of partner platform roadmaps to benefit and support our rich user experiences


As the Senior Product Manager – Customer Journeys, your job is to define and drive the roadmap for your product areas, leading cross-functional teams of engineering, design and data science talent to delight users and achieve positive business impact. Your mission is to:

  • Ensure the best possible user experience for every identified customer journey on partner devices to deliver material subscribers and value.
  • Integrate sales, on-boarding, and engagement customer journeys with our partner device platforms to life customer acquisition and engagement.
  • Leverage partner platform-specific features like voice, search, discovery and targeting tools to differentially acquire, engage and retain users.
  • Negotiate with partners on product requirements to ensure alignment on short- and long-term roadmaps.
  • Monitor device platforms and authoritatively represent their roadmaps internally.

In success, you would have defined and executed a product roadmap that ensures that we reach customers on all their favorite devices, that we drive users to discover our content and subscribe to our services on their devices, and that we delight users throughout their usage lifetime with a rich, consistent, convenient and continuously improving experience. Altogether this would result in material positive business impact, as measured in incremental subscribers and revenue.


You have led large-scale consumer product roadmaps as a Senior Product Manager (or as a Product Manager for 5+ years).

You have led innovation on user experiences, and are adept at user-centric and data-driven design.

You have worked with device manufacturers and/or service operators to deliver consumer devices or products (B2B2C).

You are experienced at negotiating product requirements and integrations with partners.  

You have collaborated effectively with engineering and have defined technical requirements.

Ideally you have previously worked on streaming video, music, or entertainment products.