Marketing Manager

Marketing communications Shanghai, China


Position at Hill+Knowlton Strategies

Job Description

  1. Client Work
    1. Support on new biz proposals and conversion (needs to have the experience (ideally international) and gravitas to be able to add a new perspective to teams’ thinking.
    2. Proactively help drive new business in Shanghai with the team leaders (bi-lingual with some China business connections and / or ‘hunting’ experience)
    3. Client facing work with teams including all responsibilities normally accorded to a member of staff with the corresponding Job Title
    4. Work on Prospective Clients, including Pitches and Proposals, when assigned. Includes outfield work and Client Events.


  1. Chairman’s Office Tasks
    1. Report and Document Drafting and Distribution: including but not limited to Announcements, Internal Memos and Notices.
    2. Collecting of Required Information for reports from other Departments, consolidating and organizing the input and submitting them to the Management for use in specific occasions.
    3. Internal Communications: Serving as proxy and go-between for the management and client teams in specific cases.
    4. Research Work involving various industries, organizations, clients and news
    5. Team Support: deployment to client teams in various functions, mostly related to consultation and document review


  1. WPP and H+K Internal Communications
  1. Handling and serving as contact person for general (non-client specific) internal communications within the H+K global network and WPP companies.
  2. Responsible for collection, preparation, packaging and distribution of information requested from H+K offices and from WPP.
  3. Bridging requests for information/resources from the network with the appropriate people/teams within the H+K China Offices
  4. Bridging requests for information/resources from the China offices with the appropriate people/teams within the H+K network and with WPP
  5. Constant Follow up duty on all the above.


  1. H+K Marketing and Business Development
  1. Keeping track of New Business Opportunities and ongoing monitoring and updating of the Pipeline system.
  2. Ongoing reminders to all relevant parties to contribute towards the monitoring and updating of the Pipeline system.
  3. Providing advice, training and non IT related technical support on any aspect of the Pipeline system.
  4. Providing Two Reports per week on New Business Updates from the Pipeline system to Regional and Global HQs.
  5. Answering any queries from Regional and Global HQs regarding the updates in the Pipeline.
  6. Regular Collection of raw materials for the H+K internal Newsletter
  7. Review, Preparation, Packaging and sometimes Writing of Content for the H+K internal Newsletter.


  1. Database Maintenance and Record Keeping
  1. Maintenance and Filing of the office database which includes Bios, Case Studies and various Promotional materials.
  2. Maintaining a backlog of internal reports for reference, and distribution upon instructions.
  3. Distribution and sharing of appropriate database materials upon request from colleagues, both in the China offices and in the global network.
  4. Review, Repackaging and Formatting of database materials to suit specific needs in some cases.
  5. Answering any queries internally and from the Regional and Global HQs regarding the database and the materials it contains.