Senior Account Manager

Public relations Sydney, Sydney


Position at Hill+Knowlton Strategies

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JOB TITLE: Senior Account Manager

REPORT TO: Director

Hill+Knowlton Strategies (H+K) is a leading global communications consultancy, advising and implementing strategic communication programs for top-tier organisations across a diverse range of industries.

In Australia we are proud to have grown out of the country’s first major PR agency. For more than seventy years, we have worked alongside leading local and global organisations to provide strategic counsel at the times when their businesses need it most.

Today, success requires being nimble to risk and responsive to opportunity. We believe that to thrive organisations need to proactively protect, leverage and build their reputation at every opportunity. 

At H+K, reputation is our business. We add the plus: the strategy that connects brand purpose to brand reputation.




The difference between a Senior Account Manager and an Account Manager comes down to leadership, focus on new business, managing finances and a greater contribution to the running of the business. You’ll be expected to have all the skills of an Account Manager down pact – having refined your skills at that level for a number of years. But you’re now moving towards becoming a future leader of the business which means more of your focus will turn to some of the internal running of the agency – from HR to internal training to growing our business. You’ll be expected to help the senior team deliver our company vision and proactively take an interest in the business of our business – not just our clients’. This means showing initiative and looking for ways to add value to the company across the board. What we’re looking to see from you from here on in is an increase in your personal gravitas and that you’re increasingly being sought out for your specialist and strategic skills across the business. 





  1. Impeccable foundation skills: At this level we’d expect that your writing is strong across a range of materials/needs and you are a skilled editor, that you are a practiced and competent presenter, that your project management skills were well developed and that you have working knowledge of managing suppliers, running events, content creation including producing & editing videos, photography and solving client problems.

  2. Media relations: Your media contacts will already be mature across a number of sectors and you’ll continue to keep these up to ensure your media strategy counsel is strategic and thoughtful. You’ll facilitate media relationships between other members of your team and your contacts. You’ll know your clients’ media and influencers inside and out and be able to advise them on the best approach for engagement.
  3. Account Management: You’ll still be the primary contact for your clients, but you’ll be looking to give other team members more exposure and chance to grow their skills too. Your job is to ensure the account is well-oiled and effective, diagnosing and heading off issues as they arise – drawing on the support around you. You’ll be looking for ways to grow and expand the account and to add value to your clients’ business every week. Your job will be to understand your clients’ businesses as much as they do and to develop areas of expertise in your team to stay one step ahead of the client.

  4. Managing teams and mentoring: You lead your team by example and walk the talk from the front. You’ll give proactive positive and constructive feedback and you actively seek it from your team too. You actively invite challenges and discussion about issues and strategy and you consider all views from everyone in the team before making a decision. You enable and empower your team to take on more responsibility across the account (depending on ability) and you provide one-to-one mentoring and training where needed on a daily basis. You actively seek new talent to bring into H+K.

  5. Budget management and tracking: You are completely across the financials of your accounts and each week you monitor the time and costs spend on projects/client work. You have regular financial discussions with your team so they understand the time and resourcing available to them and you keep Finance updated on any significant upward or downward shifts to monthly forecast budgets – as they happen. You regularly use the financial tools and information given to you to manage your accounts and grow profitability – or diagnose issues to work with Finance on finding a solution.

  6. Developing specialist knowledge: Over time you’ll have started to develop specialist knowledge about industries, audiences, clients or parts of the PR discipline. Now it’s time to really hone these and become known – and sought – as an expert, by internal and external stakeholders. This means following your passions with our support and bringing them to bear for our clients and teams.

  7. Leadership: You will be increasingly called on to engage as a leader representing your business with other H+K practices and teams. You will be familiar with and supportive of our Employee Value Proposition, Vision, Business Strategy and Values – helping to bring all these to life in your teams and in your business. You’ll be called on for opinions and ideas when it comes to company meetings and expected to regularly contribute to agency discussions and ideas for improvement.

  8. Strategy and Planning: You’ll lead the development of client plans on a quarterly or yearly basis depending on the client – working with Hill+Knowlton’s proprietary strategy and planning resources and tools. You’ll understand and know how to use Sherlock+ and BrandWatch our proprietary influence and social impact tools. You will draw on skills across our business and others to ensure our plans are founded in insight and creativity, and really make a difference for our clients.





At H+K your role also requires some specialist skills regardless of the level you are at. These include:


  • Being curious: This means asking questions, all the time. Wondering why we do things the way we do. Seeking out and exploring as much information as possible and then sharing it with the team. What are other brands doing well? What was the last awesome campaign you saw? What’s inspiring you? How can we inspire our clients to think differently?

  • Plugging into the news agenda: From celebrities to politicians, you might not always like them, but you’ve still got to know them! Understanding popular culture, current affairs, influencers and social trends that drive/shape opinion is really important. What’s the ‘water cooler conversation’ of the week? It’s your job to know what’s going on and who’s on-trend, so you can share that knowledge with our clients and your team.

  • Living social: Understanding the wide array of social media networks that exist, how they work and who is using them is an important part of the job. You’ll be trained how to connect through and analyse all aspects of social media, so it’s important that you’re across all the platforms and understand how they can impact your clients’ communications programs. Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn… again, whether you love or hate these social networks you’ll need to be well versed in each platform and how they work. We find that the best way to do this is to be involved yourself! But, you choose the privacy settings you’re comfortable with. As well as what’s hot now, we want you to keep your finger on the pulse of what’s coming next.

  • Having a say: Whether it’s via Contagious, Big Think, Wired or your own blog it’s important that you’re developing your view on brands, marketing and the role of PR in the mix. We encourage you to blog, write guest posts, Tweet or just share your thoughts (or the thoughts of others) with us internally.






We are The Sum of Us. At H+K, it is not about what ‘some of us’ could do, it’s about what the Sum Of Us can do. It’s about the possibility of what happens when we work together. Staying true to our values means celebrating each other with awards and bragging rights when we do stay true to our values or calling each other out when we don’t. But just as importantly, recognizing when we need to support each other with a big hug and a walk.


At H+K

  • We lead with our hearts and minds. At H+K, our EQ is as important as our IQ

  • We seek and explore. At H+K, this means being curious, reading, asking questions and listening to learn

  • We are humble but proud. We deliver incredible work, work that really does change lives. It’s behaviour changing, reputation building, impactful work

  • We bring our passion and energy to all that we do. Every day we bring energy and a fresh perspective to what we do, to make the tried and tested way of doing things feel fresh and new