Financial Controller, Singapore

Finance Singapore, Singapore


Position at Hill+Knowlton Strategies

Position: Financial Controller, Singapore

Reports to: CFO, Asia and Managing Director of Singapore

Sypnosis: Provision of Financial, Operational counsel, support, and systems to Managing Director and Practice Leads to improve financial performance

Client Servicing


  • Works with Managing Director to set the office budgets for each financial year and meets with Managing Director monthly to discuss progress as per monthly reports.
  • Produces regular P&L forecasts with appropriate analysis and solutions to issues.
  • On regular basis, meets with the Managing Director and Practice Directors to forecast fees, and capacity.
  • Works with Leadership Team to set operational and client servicing budgets and meets with each Managing Director on a monthly basis to provide financial data, analysis, coaching and mentoring on how to achieve budget forecasts and/or improved financial results.
  • Works with Practise Leader to ensure the delivery of team targets for: Utilisation, Realisation and Contribution.
  • Establishes and maintains good relationships with client (internal and external) contacts, ensuring all inquiries are appropriately responded in a timely, professional and respectful manner.
  • Prepares financial documents (purchase orders, budgets) and reports accurately and on time
  • Demonstrates good verbal and written communication skills
  • Implements systems to drive financial accountability in line with our Policy
  • Ensures financial systems, processes and timeframes are understood and followed by all staff, by setting service level agreements with consulting staff and using appropriate communication and training techniques to develop understanding as required.
  • Review and prepares all client contracts and ensure client contracts are signed and current.
  • Ensures accurate and timely reporting to Global Finance team.
  • Ensure that the operation the highest level of internal and operating controls and are SOX compliant.

Human Resources

  • Works with Human Resource Director to ensure legal compliance of HR policy contained in the Employee handbook.
  • Supports the Leadership Team/Human Resource Director in making appropriate staffing decisions, in the areas of recruitment, promotions, salary increases and performance management to ensure capability of our staff improves over the long-term.

 Product and Capability Development

  • Explores financial tools as well as current staff capability and Leadership Performance to expand capabilities and efficiency
  • Defines and implements support systems for new products and capabilities
  • Works with finance team to build appropriate systems and processes to ensure internal client service is appropriately provided and all consulting staff understand systems and processes, to reduce costs and improve financial performance.
  • Works with Managing Director to build appropriate systems and processes to ensure all staff understand financial systems and processes.
  • Reinforces process to capture, manage and deploy unbillable time and reduce risks associated with unbillable costs.

Business Development

  • Provides support to consulting staff for financial and staffing components of new business proposal
  • Identifies clients who are not as profitable as required and works with senior staff in creating client growth/development plans, to improve profitability and performance in other financial indicators.
  • Ensures provision of adequate financial and management analysis to the leadership team to allow staff hiring decision making based on current workloads, capabilities as captured in financial information tracking, and current group financial performance.
  • Helps the Leadership Team track performance against agreed new business revenue targets.
  • Work with Human Resource Director to create a recruitment plan to reduce the associated cost and improve the ability of our company to attract PR professionals to fill capability gaps created by new business development and client growth.

 People Development

  • Facilitates internal training on financial tools, policies and procedures as applicable.
  • Is seen as the internal financial expert and provides regular advice, coaching, support and mentoring to staff to help build financial planning and management capability within the organization.
  • Contributes/follows up with the achievement of personal development plans of others
  • Effectively coaches, mentors and supervises employees
  • Work with Human Resource Director to develop and engage in team-building activities.
  • Is seen as business partnership to Human Resource Director, provides regular advice, coaching, support and mentoring to Leaders, Managers and staff to help build Leadership and management capability within the organization.
  • Works with Leadership Team to develop succession plans for key positions and employees within the organisation.

Financial Planning and Management

  • Holds all operational and client budgets, tracking performance against these on a monthly basis and providing appropriate analysis, feedback, remedial action if required and advice to relevant parties as required.
  • Understands the consulting business model and how revenue is generated.
  • Complies with and ensures compliance with company financial management policies and procedures
  • Keeps accurate records of all financial documents
  • Negotiates effectively with third party suppliers to reduce overheads and improve service.
  • Analyses financial performance information to develop plans to reduce overheads and write-offs.
  • Ensures all pertinent company financial data is captured, tracked and wherever possible billed to the appropriate client.
  • Works with the Leadership team to improve performance in Contribution margin, Utilisation, Time-recording, Over-servicing, Revenue and Profitability.
  • Reinforces system for accurate forecasting, budget creation and capacity management
  • Manages and/or negotiates real estate and equipment leases in line with company policy.
  • Works with the Managing Director/Country Head to constantly review and track financial performance advising on necessary budget adjustments as appropriate.
  • Minimise company liability, ensuring all appropriate insurances etc are current and adequate.
  • Ensure the proactive management of company cashflow.
  • Acts as company secretary, as appropriate.
  • Champions all financial management practices.
  • Holds responsibility for top-level workforce plan, ensuring appropriately skilled employees’ are recruited according to our budgets. Tracking performance against it on a monthly basis and providing appropriate analysis, feedback, remedial action if required and advice to relevant parties as required.
  • Works with Leadership Team to ensure compensation and benefits have internal parity, and new incentive possibilities are explored and where appropriate communicated.

 Key qualifications and experience

  • Qualified Accountant, ACCA or CPA with approx. 10 years experience
  • Professional Services industry experience ideally in Public Relations
  • Strong communication and inter-personal skills
  • Working knowledge of HR law and regulation
  • Experience with legal contracts
  • Ideally broad operational company experience
  • Fluency in English language - spoken and written