Senior Consultant

Corporate Affairs Beijing, Beijing


Position at Hill+Knowlton Strategies


Account Director


Basic Function

Serves clients as day-to-day relationship manager and is responsible for developing plans for multiple accounts and seeing that these plans are executed. Independently manages multiple staff members (Consultant – ACs). Able to analyze and problem-solve issues for clients and staff. In addition, manages client’s budgets and takes a more active role in responding to RFPs and doing new business presentations.



  • Eight years of agency experience or equivalent
  • Possesses well-developed specialized industry knowledge plus unique communication skills in one or more of the key practice areas within H&K
  • Proven experience managing a team from a financial, client delivery and staffing perspective.
  • Proven ability to:

       write new business proposals

       edit documents

       present to clients

       expand client business

       develop and implement strategic communication programs

  • Ability to create and manage multiple budgets, delegate multiple clients’ assignments, supervise others, work with other departments and offices
  • Ability to supervise contacts with suppliers/vendors, media and consultants
  • Maturity to lead independent client contact
  • Proven leadership skills


Duties and Responsibilities

Client Service

       Operates independently and manages multiple accounts.

       Reviews and approves all client deliverables.

       Is rigorous and fact-based and demonstrates ability to effectively problem-solve and analyze situations.

       Leverages the knowledge of H&K colleagues to deliver high quality results.

       Assists clients in undertaking and enacting changes within their organization.

       Able to identify gaps in client accounts and works with appropriate staff to produce and implement solutions.

       Has developed a broad portfolio of industry and functional experience and knowledge to accelerate problem solving and client buy-in.

       Helps to shape strategy, development and oversees execution of programs.

       Ability to identify and react quickly when an account is at risk and respond appropriately.

       Leverages a strong network by proactively engaging clients in dialogue about business issues.


Staff/Self Management

       Responsible for daily supervision of subordinates both professional and administrative.

       Is responsible for staff allocation of client work.

       Documents all performance/personnel issues and reports them to human resources and supervisor as appropriate.

       Is recognized as a strong manager from both a client and staff perspective.

       Knows the tools, proprietary insights and methodologies within H&K to best serve clients so work is not duplicated.


Financial Management

       Oversees monthly and/or weekly budget status reports as part of budget tracking process.

       Shows strong financial accountability by building client and colleague team commitment to achieve impact resulting in high financial returns for both the client and H&K. 

       Holds self and others accountable to key financial levers: e.g., pricing, utilization, return on investment.

       Reviews monthly JSRs, approves budgets, client programs and invoices.

       Manages client budgets.

       Ensures team understands and meets account profitability goals.

       Works with financial staff to follow-up on past due invoices.


New Business

       Actively involved in business development and assumes a greater role in bringing in new business.

       Proactively identifies opportunities with existing clients to identify and uncover potential opportunities for growth beyond the scope of current assignments.

       Responsible for helping to develop new business strategies and group goals.

       Works with ADs and Ds to help clients see H&K value by assisting with closing high impact projects.

      Assists in preparing new business proposals for new and existing clients and participates in presentations.

      Demonstrates solid presentation skills, including ability to communicate and sell ideas to prospects.


Staff/Self Development

       Participates in H&K training program.

       Supervises training of subordinates and leads training where appropriate.

       Continues participation in networking activities by attending a minimum of two networking activities or events per month.

       Work with ADs and Ds to help junior staff find opportunities that will challenge them and advance their careers.

       Proactively gives informal constructive feedback to subordinates on a regular and timely basis.

       Responsible for mentoring subordinates.

       Begins to identify industry and area of expertise in terms of future leadership roles and position within H&K.


Firm Promotion

       Seeks and exploits high visibility opportunities to enhance reputation by promoting the firm as appropriate, including identification of relevant outlets to publicize/promote current accounts and activities.

       Assumes greater responsibility for promoting H&K and activities within agency.

       Actively involved in process of entering office for awards (local, state and national level).


Any additional works assigned by company.