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Position at Hill+Knowlton Strategies

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JOB TITLE: Account Coordinator


Hill+Knowlton Strategies (H+K) is a leading global communications consultancy, advising and implementing strategic communication programs for top-tier organisations across a diverse range of industries and platforms.

In Australia we are proud to have grown out of the country’s first major PR agency. For more than seventy years, we have worked alongside leading local and global organisations to provide strategic counsel at the times when their businesses need it most.

Today, success requires being nimble to risk and responsive to opportunity. We believe that to thrive organisations need to proactively protect, leverage and build their reputation at every opportunity. 

At H+K, reputation is our business. We add the plus: the strategy that connects brand purpose to brand reputation.





An Account Coordinator is responsible for day-to-day support to client teams i.e. administration support, servicing clients, handling of account work assigned to them and supporting the implementation of PR activities. The role is where the foundations of PR are learned and consultants acquire broad base skills and knowledge of the sector they are working in




  • Supports client account team with day-to-day activities
  • Implements/executes client programs as directed
  • Assists with execution of client events and functions
  • Assists with the coordination of client meetings
  • Daily media monitoring and preparing reports for clients
  • Assists with the development and distribution of media materials
  • Research required to support client projects and new business efforts
  • Filing of magazines/newspapers on a daily basis
  • Assist with the effective operation of the office overall including administrative tasks and office management
  • Responsible for quality control on production of team documents, layout, presentation and accurate compilation

  • Bachelor’s degree (preferably in PR, marketing, communications) or equivalent proven track record and achievements in the workplace
  • Evidence of excellent verbal and written skills; background in communications at university or professional level; high energy level, enthusiasm, good organisational skills
  • Ability to use Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint
Consulting/Client Management
  • Demonstrates clear understanding and interest in client’s business and the work we’re doing for them
  • Ensures that highest quality standards are met in serving the client and executing programs
  • Is committed to the completion of a task with pride, attention to detail and the highest possible standards
  • Communicates effectively both orally and in writing
  • Is able to create first draft of key PR materials with creativity, insight and knowledge
  • Demonstrates an ability to conduct media sell-ins effectively with positive results
  • Ensures account administration is organised, maintained and well managed

  • Works effectively with account teams. Is collaborative and a pleasure to work with, showing willingness to work on all tasks from the basics to the more advanced
  • Demonstrates positive attitude, pro-activity, professional appearance, solid communication skills, initiative, willingness to work on different industry sectors and provide multiple communication services
  • Displays ability to think creatively and strategically on specific assignments by applying common sense to tackle issues
  • Manages time effectively, meets deadlines, pays attention to detail and sets priorities for specific assignments

New Business/Business development
  • Supports efforts to develop new business strategies and group goals
Business Acumen/Finance
  • Understands basic accounting fundamentals
  • Demonstrates an ability / awareness of how budgets, estimators and activity reports are put together
  • Assists in monthly budget process as assigned, e.g.:
    • Drafting monthly/weekly budget, status or activity reports
    • Checking supplier invoices, etc.
  • Interacts effectively and collaboratively with other team and company members
  • Professional and appropriate manner when dealing with colleagues, clients and suppliers 
At H+K your role also requires some specialist skills regardless of the level you are at. These include:
  • Builds effective relationships inside and outside the business
  • Is accountable
  • Uses questions to clarify understanding
  • Share Information
  • Is self-assured and supportive

  • Appropriately manages time to meet team, project and client needs
  • Applies new creative thinking to all aspects of work
  • Ensures quality and consistency in all aspects of work
  • Uses initiative and analytical thinking in addressing client needs
Business Acumen
  • Follows business issues and trends to develop client insights
  • Recognises and pursues work that advances larger business goals
  • Understands client strategy and recognises new opportunities to create value


We are The Sum of Us. At H+K, it is not about what ‘some of us’ could do, it’s about what the Sum Of Us can do. It’s about the possibility of what happens when we work together. Staying true to our values means celebrating each other with awards and bragging rights when we do stay true to our values or calling each other out when we don’t. But just as importantly, recognizing when we need to support each other with a big hug and a walk.
At H+K
  • We lead with our hearts and minds. At H+K, our EQ is as important as our IQ
  • We seek and explore. At H+K, this means being curious, reading, asking questions and listening to learn
  • We are humble but proud. We deliver incredible work, work that really does change lives. It’s behaviour changing, reputation building, impactful work
  • We bring our passion and energy to all that we do. Every day we bring energy and a fresh perspective to what we do, to make the tried and tested way of doing things feel fresh and new