Creative London, United Kingdom


Position at Hill+Knowlton Strategies

Hill & Knowlton Strategies 

Role:  Two mid-level creatives  
Location: Innovation + Creative Hub  / London 

What we are looking for:  
We’re looking for two experienced conceptual creatives with a bank of work that shows their ability to command attention, shift perception and change behavior. Whether two solos or an existing pair, you will join a unique kind of department; our Innovation + Creative Hub where an uncommon blend of specialists collaborate at the heart of our agency and work across an enviable client list of global brands.  

So if you’re a conceptual creative thinker with bags of enthusiasm for communications challenges and wants to make work that innovates the future of communications, we want to hear from you. 

 Here’s what you’ll be doing: 

Helping us to seize the opportunity to marry creative excellence with world-class PR thinking into a creative powerhouse in our industry.  

  • Serving as a key member of our Innovation + Creative Hub, building our reputation for creative excellence in an evolving industry 
  • Driving innovation by continually pushing the boundaries of our creative output into new and relevant areas 
  • Driving true collaboration beyond a traditional creative team set up, working with a myriad of specialisms and industry sector team  
  • Working with the CD to further inspire and build creative talent across the agency
  • Storytelling with channel neutral ideas that break through and command attention 
  • Hunger, passion and tenacity; you don’t wait to be told, you go out and do 
  • Own and forge new client relationships with a view to elevating long term creative output 

 What you’ll need to get here: 

Understand the power of earned ideas to create innovative communications and an ambition to genuinely advance creative in our sector.  

  • Even if you haven’t worked in PR before you’ll need a nose for earned first thinking and ideas that travel beyond channels 
  • A creative spirit that can be applied to any kind of brief 
  • Impressive portfolio showcasing a variety of work from traditional to social, digital and influencer and harnessing earned and paid in combination 
  • Ambition to push yourself outside of the traditional lines, being agile, adaptable and able to work around roadblocks 
  • Willingness to roll up your sleeves and work with a variety of teams 
  • Ability to nurture junior talent and inspire the agency 
  • Ability to thrive under pressure, juggling multiple clients, teams and deadlines  

Background to the role: 
Hill+Knowlton Strategies is an international public relations company with over 85 offices around the world. 
 We believe economic, social and political headwinds of today are stronger than ever, and we need better agility, greater resiliency and more specialized communications strategies to navigate them. The role of our clients has grown more complex, and many of the challenges they manage now overlap and intersect in unprecedented ways. 

As they seek to build and protect reputation, manage risk, and deliver growth across their brand and corporations, they are looking for a new kind of partner. One that can work with them in new ways, one that understands and reflects the challenges they face… One that can empower a new era of commercial growth and value in their business. 
How do we build on the skills that already exist in our business to meet these new demands? 
Our answer to this question is our Innovation + Creative Hubs; 11 strategically located hubs around the network to support our client leaders, sector experts and specialist teams by providing the new types of strategic and communication services our clients have come to expect… 

In each hub you will see a team of specialists working together… 
Creative Strategists who build insights using data and research, developing them into platforms, causes and ideas. 
Creative Directors who turn strategy into storytelling through campaignable ideas and the visual language of a campaign or brand 

Content + Publishing Strategists who map audience behaviors and use them to plan the ideation, aggregation + delivery of content. 

Digital Planning + Optimization experts who define the digital customer journey, developing paid media programmatic and partnership strategies 
Behavioral Scientists who apply the science of human behavior to the art of communications  

Data + Analytics specialists who provide the right data to develop our insights as well as track the performance of our campaigns 
Together, we can apply creativity and intelligence to all of our clients…  

… And together we can bring our clients the transformative strategic advice and communication strategies that they need to succeed… 

Always in Beta. Our client obsession means constantly evolving new products + services. 

At H+K our belief is that the agency is a canvas for everyone to write their own story. This job description is written at a moment in time; whatever role you take at H+K we expect you to evolve that role; it should be different tomorrow than it is today and set new standards in the industry. 

We have a very clear blueprint and process to applying our creativity across our business and across our Innovation + Creative hubs.  What we call Applied Creativity. As part of the process, we have clear seven-step data and insight-led process. It runs from the brief, audience mapping, the development of insights leading to an actionable cause and story arcs across different audience types (from regulatory, investor, consumer to government) and then onto the development of content + publishing strategies and iterative measurement system.   

This process is applied consistently through the agency, across countries, sectors and teams; when everyone’s applying it, it becomes very powerful. Concurrent working along with a shared language and a shared approach leads to an easily shared understanding of problems and opportunities and the ability to apply creativity effectively. 
In addition to our I+C hubs we also have global network of 18 Studios supporting our business with design and production expertise. 

As an Equal Opportunity Employer, Hill+Knowlton Strategies does not discriminate against applicants or employees because of their race, creed, color, age, religion, sex, disability, sexual orientation, marital status, military status, national origin, or ancestry.  

Extra information: 

The Global Studios:  
As we develop the communication campaigns for our clients across the earned, owned, paid and shared space we turn to the creative and design expertise in the Studio to help develop and breathe life into our ideas. From the creation of a new identity to a full-length documentary, a digital content hub to the latest interactive experience the Global Studio creates the content that carries our stories to audiences across the globe. 

The ambition is to build and integrate the expertise of a new Studio throughout our US business as required working in a concurrent way with experts from our sectors and other areas of expertise such as behavioral insights, data + analytics, content + publishing and digital planning + optimization. We want to develop new ways of working that see content + publishing strategists working alongside film directors and data analysts working with designers, all focused on the same client centric goal.