Client Service Director

Technology Dubai, Dubai


Position at Hill+Knowlton Strategies


Hill + Knowlton is looking for a Client Service Director to join our team in Riyadh, working across our ever-growing Technology practice.

At H+K you will have the opportunity to work on well-known local and global brands, and benefit from a structured training and development path for your career.

Job description  

Demonstrate trusted advisor and senior client-facing leadership

  • Offer ongoing strategic counsel
  • Be perceived as thought leader and peer of direct client contacts
  • Be bold - deliver the tough and unpopular messages
  • Gain a deep understanding of the client’s       business, goals and objectives
  • Actively discuss and listen to the client’s needs and issues - Suspend your own agenda
  • Translate work into action and measurable results confirmed by the client
  • Evolve from agenda-reacting to agenda-setting with the client
  • Build deep personal trust with clients
  • Deliver meaningful insights into client’s competition, markets and other constituencies that affect the client
  • Demonstrate business value to client


Manage H&K teams across offices and institutionalize the relationship

  • Set and execute client relationship strategy. This includes deciding which issues to focus on, which opportunities to pursue, which individuals to invest in, and to define and shape involvement with client.
    • Develop an account plan with clear and tangible goals
    • Demonstrate success in attracting the right people, moving appropriate people, resources, and ideas from around the firm into the client relationship - Best team approach on an ongoing basis
    • Implement reviews to reflect on and develop strategies about how to strengthen relationship


    • Create, manage, motivate, and lead the team, developing both senior reports and local client leads who are involved with serving the client
      • Develop team so that each local office client lead has a trusted relationship with their one major client
      • Grow knowledge of H&K’s relevant capabilities and services
      • Keep team members informed about both successes and setbacks
      • Build reputation that people who work on your client team do well and benefit from the experience
      • Invest in face-time to build familiarity and ultimately trust among team
      • Demonstrate strong collaboration skills to maximize resources and skills in network and encourage teamwork across P&L, offices, practices and services
      • Provide feedback in appraisals on key team leads across the network


    • Work with team to establish many-to-many relationships
      • Create a system for sustaining relationships with first tier client contacts
      • Invite others into the client relationship to add additional value and institutionalize them – bring the best of the firm to the client
      • Ensure that there is bench strength and an articulated succession strategy to ensure continuity in client service 

    Quality ambassador

    • Monitor and maintain quality, and gain insight into client expectations and perceptions of value add
    • Drive creativity and best solutions for clients across teams
    • Share best practice ideas across teams in network
    • Measure and adjust work delivered to client
    • Gain client feedback through multiple channels
    • Anticipate client issues and forestall problems by maintaining a constant dialogue with client about what’s working and what’s not working
    • Delegate quality control at the detailed level
    • Use the appropriate H&K tools to manage information flow and consistency
    • At least twice a year do a formal client satisfaction survey
    • Provide quarterly updates to the H&K network on client satisfaction and quality 

    Financial management

    • Oversee client profitability where figures are available
    • Identify and manage over/under-servicing issues with local P&L managers
    • Moderate between clients demands for services and local P&L levels and work with P&Ls to deliver the best team for the client
    • Manage financial reporting / pricing consistency with support of central financial team
    • Manage the overall budget allocation, if a central budget is provided
    • Work with the regional financial teams to provide systems for financial tracking centrally and locally where possible 

    Commercial management

    • Work with procurement / senior negotiators in H&K on commercial and contract negotiations with the client
    • Identify and map the buying influences
    • Be discerning about what sales opportunities to pursue with client
    • Develop relationship with client procurement
    • Provide H&K senior management regular updates on client development opportunities and issues
    • Set and drive growth targets for client revenue
    • Manage client profitability