VP, Brand Strategy - Healthcare/Pharma

Strategy Boston, Massachusetts New York, New York

Position at Hill Holliday

About Hill Holliday Health: Somewhere along the way, we fall in love with the people we’re trying to help. And we use every bit of that love, compassion, and empathy to fuel us to create ideas that change lives. Even save them. It’s an incredible opportunity and powerful responsibility that all 125 of us Humble Hungry Humans across New York and Boston take very seriously each and every day. So, don’t let all the fun we’re having fool you.

Our clients include Novartis, Regeneron, Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen division, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, Bayer, Allergan, Ironwood, and ALK Pharmaceuticals. 

Department Overview:

Strategists don't just understand consumers – they influence them. They're constantly identifying opportunities to engage and motivate customers during their journey, while also developing strategies that inform winning ideas. Their ability to develop brands that excel in purpose, positioning, and personality is remarkable. A Strategist in our group relishes turning the complex into simple, elegant, and provocative ideas that the creative team, our clients, and ultimately our audiences embrace.  They love to lead, to be the strong voice in the room, and still understand collaboration and teamwork are critical to success.  They relish answering an insatiable curiosity that drives great strategists. Now if they could just develop a way to get all the lunches catered.

The VP, Strategy Director Role:

We are looking for a creatively ambitious VP, Strategy Director who can move fluidly between intuition and rigor to solve complex marketing problems. Our ideal candidate:

  • Has a strong track record of inspiring creative excellence and has gained industry recognition for it
  • Has a keen eye for observations and relentlessly looks for them in unexpected places
  • Is insatiably curious about what motivates, inspires, scares, excites people, the world around them and how they engage with media and content outlets
  • Is a shrewd business person who understands what makes the client’s business tick
  • Can turn an insight into a story and can tell the story in a way that inspires others


Strategic Leadership

  • Understanding what people do, and how and why they do it
  • Directing the development of brand and communication strategies
  • Designing compelling propositions and brand positionings
  • Generating hypotheses, prototyping and testing concepts, and vigorously defending the clarity of great ideas
  • Designing and guiding innovative consumer research initiatives
  • Work with diverse creative thinkers to develop campaigns and platforms


  • Be a trusted advisor and voice of authority with very senior clients…you’ve got to be prepared and you’ve got to want to be an active guide and presence whether in person or on Zoom
  • Create exciting stories that inspire people
  • Demanding nothing short of excellence in all communications; care deeply about how each element of the brief and briefing is presented


  • Looking for inspiration in unexpected places
  • Traveling the roads not tried before
  • Thinking about opportunities to drive innovation in client products, services, and propositions 

Valued Behaviors:


  • A strong, inclusive leader who has experience driving work forward and leading the success of their team and client.
  • Ability to manage and inspire a productive, diverse team.
  • Ability to drive prioritization for the team and lead them through changes.
  • Displays a high degree of integrity and is respected by clients and peers.
  • Confident decision-maker who has a point of view and knows when and how to share it.
  • Emerging as a thought leader on area of expertise.


  • Takes responsibility for the health and effectiveness of the team internally, with partners, and with clients.
  • Supports others' ideas and voices and creates and environment that encourages collaboration.
  • Effectively uses collaboration to the benefit of business, ensuring efficiency and profitability.
  • Demonstrates mature leadership and empathy during difficult team situations.


  • Deeply understand the business, the data, the healthcare space such that command of the details allows you to simplify the story
  • Lead measurement and tracking efforts, and be prepared to use the knowledge gained to help the brand and team adjust course as needed
  • Be a part of the core team that ensures efforts are maximized, and all work is delivered efficiently
  • Lean in…to ensure the entire team effort is delivering results to our clients and the agency


  • Have 8+ years of experience serving as the strategic lead on healthcare/pharmaceutical brands, advertising agency experience is required
  • Must have senior client-facing experience
  • BA/BS or higher in marketing, communications, psychology or related fields