Communication Officer

Job ID 393

Program / Project Support Malawi   Lilongwe


Heifer International is an equal opportunity employer.  All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, status as a protected veteran, among other things, or status as a qualified individual with disability.


The position is responsible for establishing and managing relations with media representatives within Malawi including providing background information, Heifer Project International Malawi Program intervention information, and facilitating media to access Malawi Program information to increase its exposure in the press and electronic media publications and programming. She/he will liaise with the HQ office Communications Department to coordinate and amplify messages and communications. The position is also responsible for ensuring that project information is packaged, disseminated, and utilized by appropriate users in conformity with the Country program’s agenda, systems, and procedures.


Analytical, pragmatic, self-motivated, attentive to details, results-oriented, action-oriented, and team player.


A. Communication, collaboration, and coordination (30%)
  • Communicate and implement a communication networking strategy for Heifer programs.
  • Collect and share program information including program background, post to the Heifer’s website information, successful stories, media reports, and publications, etc.
  • Coordinate donor and volunteer activities, including regular communications, visits, events, study tours, etc.
  • Develop collegial connections with media representatives for directing their interests to Heifer's accomplishments in Malawi.
  • Provide recommendations to senior management staff on media strategies, public statements, and other information matters.
  • Develop and nurture good working partnerships and linkages with NGOs, government agencies, local institutions, and other like-minded organizations to advance the mission of Heifer.
  • High-quality and timely information disseminated.
  • Established and maintained excellent working relationships and linkages with Government, media, NGOs, and other stakeholders.
  • Annual, quarterly, and monthly reports are produced in a most professional attractive way and shared.
  • Systems of information flow and communications are established and maintained.
  • Communication materials are produced in the most accurate attractive way.
  • Communication capacity among key staff strengthened bi-annually.
B. Promotion (30%)
  • Design, write, edit, produce and distribute simple and/or complex communication products (e.g. newsletters, annual report, short note series, brochures, websites, photos) to communicate consistent and coherent strategic messages about Heifer and its activities.
  • Prepare promotion materials and Promote Heifer through effective
  • Heifer activities and success stories are known to farmers, government, stakeholders, and the community at large through the production and distribution of promotional materials.
  • Heifer promotional materials on planned and achieved activities and success stories are produced and shared with all key stakeholders quarterly.
  • Social media messages are reviewed, and communication is well-managed, properly documented, and circulated monthly.
C. Project support (20%)
  • Document and communicate key project achievements, donor partnership meetings, field days, technology and innovation success stories, human interest/ farmers success stories, videos, photos, monitoring, and evaluation activities, launch, business development initiatives, and lessons learned for closed projects, etc.
  • Provide technical guidance on documenting project activities/ events.
  • Support Country Office engagements with the Regional and Global communications teams to organize content and documentation.
  • Project highlights and events are documented most accurately and professionally monthly.
  • Support in gathering information for the report as required.
  • Project/program information analyzed, professionally packaged, and disseminated quarterly in the right media.
  • Visibility and fundraising materials produced in collaboration with the MELs Manager for reliable, credible, and consistent data/information quarterly.
  • Engaged monthly with Regional and Global communications teams during meetings.
D. Managing of Communication materials (15%)
  • Maintaining communication materials such as photographs, films (both soft and hard copies), and recording materials such as cameras.
  • Develop and maintain a stakeholder database.
  • Work closely with the program teams on the design and production of communication materials such as photographs, films (both soft and hard copies).
  • High-quality communication and information materials are well managed in the Corral, google one drive and remain of the best quality monthly.
  • Communications and networking files are updated and documented on monthly basis.
  • Assets are safeguarded and well managed.
  • Stakeholders database established and updated quarterly.
C. May perform other job-related duties as assigned (5%).
  • Carry out other duties that may be assigned to you in the interest of Heifer Project International.

Minimum Requirements:

  1. Bachelor’s in public Relations, Mass Communications, Development Studies, or related field, plus five (5) years of related experience.

Preferred Requirements:

  1. Master’s degree in a similar field preferred with at least 4 years of practical working experience in communication and networking. Work experience in the NGO world is an added advantage.

Most Critical Proficiencies:

  1. Good analytical skills and ability to verify the information.
  2. Excellent qualities and management, communication, and interpersonal skills.
  3. A good understanding and sensitivity to issues associated with poverty, hunger, and environment, and knowledge of the context to which non-profit organizations operate.
  4. Ability to promote the vision and strategic goals of Heifer
  5. Computer proficient in word processing, spreadsheets, presentation tools, electronic mail, and Internet software (Microsoft Office preferred).
  6. Strong organizational skills.
  7. Skilled at strategic thinking and anticipating future developments and trends to incorporate them into organizational plans.
  8. Demonstrated proficiency in English and at least two of Malawi’s local languages both oral and written

Essential Job Functions and Physical Demands:

  1. Preparing and presenting documents in a well-designed and attractive format with superior attention to detail.
  2. Ability to lead teams effectively and exhibit strong conflict resolution skills.
  3. Proven team and customer care skills with the ability to train and work cooperatively with a diverse staff, including field staff in several locations.
  4. Demonstrates integrity by modeling Heifer’s values and ethical standards.
  5. Openness to change and ability to manage complexities.
  6. Constant face-to-face, telephone, and electronic communication with colleagues both within and outside of Malawi.
  7. May require constant sitting and moving; working at a computer for extended periods.
  8. Working with sensitive information and maintaining confidentiality.
  9. Performing multiple tasks with minimal supervision.
  10. Ability to lift and carry up to 20 pounds (9 kilograms) floor-to-waist.
  11. Willingness to work with a flexible schedule.
  12. Willingness to travel both locally and internationally.