DAO Manager

Job ID 374

Program / Project Management Remote, United States


Heifer International is an equal opportunity employer.  All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, status as a protected veteran, among other things, or status as a qualified individual with disability.

The Heifer Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) Manager is responsible for the successful completion of the designing, analysis, planning, and implementation of the Heifer DAO strategy for agricultural development and financial inclusion.  This includes coordination with the Heifer Labs team to set deadlines, communicate with stakeholders, and ensure the building of the DAO stays on track.  After the implementation, the Heifer DAO manager will be responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Heifer DAO.

Honest, professional, big-picture thinking, idealistic, open to a new paradigm, conceptual thinking, innovative thinking, implementation thinking, self-driving, optimistic, energetic, tech-savvy, Blockchain enthusiastic, intellectual curiosity,  and passionate about Heifer's mission.

Responsibilities & Deliverables
A. Project Management of the creation of the Heifer DAO (75%)
• Create a project plan, including setting targets for milestones and estimate of resources.
• Identifying and managing potential risks
• Communicating with stakeholders to keep the building of the Heifer DAO aligns with their goals.
• Manage direct and virtual teams; motivating people involved in the Heifer DAO to complete tasks on time
• Project Charter, including the identification of the stakeholders.
• Gant Chart including milestones
• Risk Management Plan
• Communication Plan
• An enthusiastic team heading in the same direction, focus on the goal and passion for the Heifer's mission.

B. Advisor to Heifer Labs (25%)
• Serve as an example and role model as Heifer DAO Manager
• Serve as Advisor to the Heifer Labs
• Provide information about innovation and best practices in financial technology
• Demonstrate always a professional behavior
• Active participation in the Heifer Labs
• Provide advice (verbal and writing) on Blockchain

Minimum Requirements:
  1. Bachelor's degree in business administration, public administration, management information system, technology, economy, law, digital currencies or related field. An associate's degree or technical training (in Blockchain, DLT, Bitcoin, Ethereum, DeFi) combination with four additional years of qualifying experience may be accepted instead of the bachelor's degree.
  2. Deep understanding of Blockchain technology, market, and ecosystem.
  3. Strong understanding of disruption in the financial sector that is occurring due to Blockchain technology and strategic leadership for what that means for Heifer's business model.
  4. Ability to design and drive medium to large-scale project design and delivery
  5. Ability to quickly develop a meaningful perspective on internal and external issues that have organizational impact
  6. Strong leadership skills with the ability to manage and motivate high-performing, virtual teams through volatility, uncertainty, complexity, risk, and ambiguity
  7. Excellent presentation and facilitation skills
  8. Excellent verbal and written language skills in English; verbal proficiency in other languages would be an asset.
  9. Proficient with recent digital platforms and emerging technology
Preferred Requirements
  1. Working knowledge of Spanish would be an asset.
  2. Multi-cultural competencies and a sound understanding of international affairs.
Most Critical Proficiencies
  1. Integrity & Humanista: Integrity provides the foundation for the responsible exercise of our rights and responsibilities as human beings with society and the environment. Integrity leads to empowerment and excellence. Humanists emphasize the value and agency of human beings.
  2. Critical Thinking, Conceptual & Implementation Thinking – ability to quickly develop a meaningful perspective of how Blockchain Technology will impact Heifer's business model. Ability to gather new data with existing knowledge, think independently, and conceptualize a practical application and a successful implementation.
  3. Leadership & Intrapreneurship – ability and mindset to apply technical knowledge to take a complex idea into a sustainable business model. 
Essential Job Functions and Physical Demands
  1. May require constant sitting; working at a computer for extended periods.
  2. Constant internet meeting (via Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Team) with colleagues and stakeholders.
  3. Ability and willingness to travel both domestically and internationally and adequate physical condition necessary to project sites in rural areas.
  4. Ability to prepare and present documents and reports with superior attention to detail to a wide-ranging audience.
  5. Strong interpersonal skills in a changing environment with the ability to tactfully challenge the status quo and effectively influence improvement.
  6. Willingness and ability to work outside of normal business hours.
  7. Sensitivity in working with multiple cultures and beliefs, and to gender equity.
  8. Ability to work with sensitive information and maintain confidentiality.
Decentralized Autonomous Organization - is a special kind of smart contract that runs an entire organization automatically based on codified rules in a smart contract. The idea of a DAO is to create a completely independent entity that is exclusively governed by the rules that you program into it and 'lives' on the chain. This is more than using the Blockchain to manage a company: instead, the code is the entire company. And it cannot be stopped. (Lacity, Mary C. 2020. Blockchain Foundations: For the Internet of Value. The University of Arkansas. Glossary, page 412).