Other Elche, Spain


As our photographer, you will be joining our Design & Creative team, made up of dynamic, young & motivated professionals.

Photography studies or degree would be a useful starting point.

You will fit this position if...

- You are a trendy and fashion-obsessed person, with specific interest in streetwear and urban style.
- You have 2-4 years as a product and fashion photographer in an e-commerce company.
- You love and are used to doing creative photography for fashion editorials, newsletters, social media and photoshoots with celebrities.
- You have advanced knowledge of Photoshop & Lightroom.

Your Key Responsibilities:

- Setting up photographic equipment
- Taking pictures of product (70%)
- Leading and supporting photoshoots
- Editing and retouching images
- Choosing and setting up locations
- Reproducing and framing photographs

Your Key Skills:

- Creativity
- Technical photography knowledge
- Patience and concentration
- Planner and organized person
- Attention to detail, even when working under pressure
- Deadline focussed
- Team player
- Basic (or better) English conversational skills