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Billing Specialist (10933) Physician Billing Office
Billing Specialist (10931) Physician Billing Office
Billing Specialist I (10955) Hamilton Emergency Medical Services
Inpatient/Outpatient Coder/Abstracting Specialist (10430) Health Information Management
Inpatient/Outpatient Coder/Abstracting Specialist (10990) Health Information Management
Inpatient/Outpatient Coder/Abstracting Specialist (10740) Health Information Management
Medical Coder (10932) Physician Billing Office
Medical Office Assistant (10946) HPG Medical Subspecialty
Medical Office Registrar (10542) HPG Convenient Care - Dalton
Medical Office Registrar (10923) HPG Ringgold Campus
Medical Office Registrar (10996) HPG Ringgold Campus
Medical Office Registrar Senior (11033) Hamilton Neurology
Registrar (11041) Admissions
Registrar (11030) Admissions
Registrar (11010) Admissions
Registrar (11042) Admissions
Secretary (10554) Bradley Whiteside Rehabilitation Center - Outpatient
Surgery Scheduler / Financial Clearance Representative (10897) HPG Gastroenterology
Surgical Services Materials Coordinator (10600) Materials Management
Tumor Registry Coordinator (10473) Oncology Administration
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Advanced Practice Providers

Advance Practice Provider Crit (11008) HPG Medical Subspecialty
Advanced Practice Provider, Medical (11038) HPG Cardiology Associates

Behavioral Health

Board Certified Behavioral Analyst (10374) Pediatric Psychology
Lead Psychologist (9778) Pediatric Psychology

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Clinical Services Exercise Physiologist (11048) Cardiac Rehabilitation - Bradley Wellness Center

Cardiovascular Services

Cardiovascular Specialist (10998) Invasive Cardiovascular

Care/Case Management

RN Care Manager (10918) Case Management
RN Care Manager (10915) Case Management

Cleaning Services

Environmental Services Assistant (10968) Environmental Services

Emergency Medical Services

Dispatcher (10956) Hamilton Emergency Medical Services
Emergency Medical Technician (10369) Hamilton Emergency Medical Services
Emergency Medical Technician (10537) Hamilton Emergency Medical Services
Paramedic (10538) Hamilton Emergency Medical Services

Food & Nutrition Services

Cook (10731) Food Services
Cook (10796) Food Services
Cook (10844) Food Services
Equipment / Dietary Cart / Cleaning Tech (10880) Food Services
Food Services Ambassador (10925) Food Services
Food Services Assistant (10947) Food Services
Food Services Assistant (10921) Food Services
Food Services Assistant (10977) Food Services

Human Resources

HR Coordinator (11012) Human Resources
Human Resources Generalist (10986) Human Resources

Independent / Assisted Living

Personal Care Assistant (10854) Royal Oaks The Gardens
Personal Care Assistant (9986) Royal Oaks The Gardens

Information Technology

Application Systems Analyst II (10879) Information Services - Systems
Computer Help Desk Specialist I (10840) Information Services - Network

Laboratory Services

Phlebotomist (11014) Laboratory
Phlebotomist (10831) Laboratory
Phlebotomist (10828) Laboratory
Phlebotomist (10826) Laboratory
Phlebotomist (10829) Laboratory
Phlebotomist (10957) Laboratory


Lawn Maintenance Crew Member (10799) Maintenance


Graphic Designer & Digital Media Specialist (10804) Marketing

Mid-level Management

Clinical Manager I (10838) Ortho/General Med-Surg
Environmental & Maintenance Services Manager (10848) Royal Oaks Housekeeping
Front Office Supervisor (10922) HPG Cardiology Associates
Front Office Supervisor (11040) HPG Primary Care - Murray
Front Office Supervisor (10954) HPG Gastroenterology
Manager, The Gardens at Royal Oaks (10547) Royal Oaks The Gardens
Program Supervisor- BWC (10653) Bradley Wellness Center
Supervisor, The Gardens - LPN (10850) Royal Oaks The Gardens
Supervisor, The Gardens at Royal Oaks (10364) Royal Oaks The Gardens

Nursing Services

Cardiovascular Specialist, RN (10279) Invasive Cardiovascular
Cardiovascular Specialist, RN (11009) Invasive Cardiovascular
ED Trauma Registrar - Systems & Data Analyst RN (10395) Emergency Department
Health Screener (10980) Observation Unit
Health Screener (10741) Observation Unit
Imaging Nurse (10614) Imaging Services
Licensed Practical Nurse (11023) Diabetes and Endocrinology Center
Licensed Practical Nurse (10841) HPG Convenient Care - Dalton
Licensed Practical Nurse (9578) HPG Convenient Care - Dalton
Licensed Practical Nurse (10974) Hamilton Neurosurgery & Spine - Dalton
Licensed Practical Nurse (10673) Wound & Hyperbaric Services
Licensed Practical Nurse (10674) Wound & Hyperbaric Services
Licensed Practical Nurse (10895) HPG Ringgold Campus
Licensed Practical Nurse, Clinical Lead (11034) Hamilton Neurology
Nurse Navigator (10949) Oncology Administration
Nursing Tech (10697) Progressive Care Unit
Nursing Tech (10562) Progressive Care Unit
Nursing Tech (10863) Cardiac / Telemetry
Nursing Tech (10643) Progressive Care Unit
Nursing Tech (10907) Renal Med-Surg
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Officials and Managers

Administrator (10847) Ridgewood Administration
Director HR Operations (10866) Human Resources
Director Risk Management (10650) Legal and Risk Management
Director, Case Management (10661) Case Management
Human Resources (HR) Director (10985) Human Resources

Patient Financial Services

Department Clerical Assistant (10930) Central Business Office
Insurance Representative (10969) Central Business Office
Insurance Representative (10875) Central Business Office
Manager, Managed Care Contracts (10771) Central Business Office
Patient Access / CBO Training Analyst (10471) Central Business Office
Pre-Registration / Financial Clearance Representative (11036) Central Business Office

Patient Services

Chaplain / Bereavement Coordinator (10877) Guest & Volunteer Services
Home Health Aide (10207) Hospice
Home Health Aide (10976) Hospice
Interpreter / Patient Representative (10878) Guest & Volunteer Services
Medical Assistant (10568) HPG Convenient Care - Murray
Medical Assistant (10667) HPG Gastroenterology
Medical Assistant (10869) Hamilton Neurosurgery & Spine - Dalton
Medical Assistant (10950) HPG General Surgery
Medical Assistant (10898) HPG Gastroenterology
Medical Assistant (10943) HPG Primary Care - Dalton
Medical Assistant (10842) HPG Convenient Care - Dalton
Outpatient Care Coordinator (10970) Ambulatory Infusion Center
Outpatient Care Coordinator (10963) Ambulatory Infusion Center
Patient Care Clerk (10645) Medical Intensive Care Unit
Patient Care Clerk (10693) Medical Intensive Care Unit
Rehab Care Aide (10260) Rehabilitation Care - Inpatient
Scheduling Specialist (11050) Central Business Office
Scheduling Specialist (10773) Central Business Office


IV / Pharmacy Tech (11017) Pharmacy
IV / Pharmacy Tech (11031) Pharmacy
Pharmacist (10927) Pharmacy
Pharmacy Systems Analyst II (10994) Pharmacy

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapist (10973) Rehabilitation Care - Inpatient


Polysomnographer (10014) Sleep Lab
Polysomnographic Technologist (10180) Sleep Lab


Perfusionist (11045) Cardiovascular OR
Perfusionist (11000) Cardiovascular OR

Public Safety

Public Safety Officer (11006) Public Safety

Respiratory Therapy

Respiratory Therapist (9856) Respiratory Care

Speech Therapy

Speech Therapist (11015) Pediatric Therapy Services

Sports Medicine

Certified Athletic Trainer (9669) Sports Medicine

Technicians / Technologists

Central Sterile Tech I (10859) Central Sterile
Central Sterile Tech I (11049) Central Sterile
CT Technologist (11019) Radiology CT Scan
CT Technologist (10982) Radiology CT Scan
Medical Laboratory Technician (10983) Laboratory
Medical Laboratory Technician (10987) Laboratory
MRI Tech (10924) Radiology Inpatient MRI
MRI Tech (11018) Radiology Inpatient MRI
Nuclear Medicine Technologist (11022) Radiology Nuclear
Radiologic Technologist (11020) Diagnostic Imaging Inpatient
Student Radiologic Technologist (11021) Imaging Services
Surgical Technologist - 1st Asst (10960) Cardiovascular OR
Surgical Technologist I (10959) Cardiovascular OR


PBX Operator (10794) Information Services - Telecom


Monitor Tech (10926) Cardiac / Telemetry