Environmental Services Assistant

Cleaning ServicesEnvironmental Services Dalton, Georgia


Hamilton Health Care System, Inc.

Job Description and Performance Standards


Title: E.S. Assistant 558508001

Department:  Environmental Services

Reports To: E.S. Asst. Director/ Supervisor

Shift:  Days - 7a-3p, every other weekend

Full Time


The incumbent performs a wide range of housekeeping cleaning tasks of assigned areas including the cleaning of patient rooms, restrooms, waiting areas, offices, and clinical areas.  This position also includes the collection and disposal of waste, both contaminated and ordinary, and the removal and disposal of sharps containers.  The operation of specified small equipment such as vacuum cleaners, upholstery shampooers, and other small equipment is required.


Education:  Must be able to read and write and follow oral and written instructions.  Be able to communicate both verbally and in writing. (E)

Licensure:  None

Experience:  Prior housekeeping experience preferred.

Skills: Knowledge of housekeeping experienced preferred.



The continuing challenges of the incumbent’s position are self motivation required to daily perform highly repetitive, often non-stimulating and sometimes undesirable tasks with a positive attitude, also the maintenance of cleanliness and pleasant aesthetics in assigned area while under constant conditions of high occupancy and traffic.  Works in a typical hospital environment subject to the hazards associated with such a facility.  A flexible working schedule is required including overtime, weekend assignments, and second or third shift assignments.

Extensive and constant amounts of physical effort is required including walking, lifting, pulling, pushing, stooping, operation of light machinery, and moving furniture.  Vision must be good or prescribed glasses worn.  Preference for routine, organized activities performed according to predetermined hospital policies.  High tolerance for pressure and stress due to task interruption.  High tolerance for change. (E)