Director, Laboratory

Officials and ManagersLaboratory Dalton, Georgia


Hamilton Health Care System, Inc.

Job Description and Performance Standards


Title: Director, Laboratory Services 550991018

Department:  Laboratory Services

Reports To:  Vice-President

Shift: 8:00am - 5:00pm / Monday - Friday

Status: Full-Time



Responsible for the overall operation of the Clinical Laboratory to insure quality, cost effective laboratory tests; directs and supervises the work of all staff of the Department in insure their clinical competency and adherence to the Medical Center's policies, procedures and philosophy; provides for ongoing training of the technical staff, MLT students and other hospital personnel.  Must be able to demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to provide care appropriate to the age of the patient served.   Must demonstrate knowledge of age-dependent expected values and access data reflective of the patients' current status in relation to their age-specific needs.


Education: Bachelor’s degree in Medical Technology or one of the natural sciences or equivalent experience.

Licensure: Certification through the Department of Human Resources as a Technologist.

Experience:  Six years experience required in the field of Laboratory Medicine.

Skills:  Good communication skills, ability to calculate and prepare statistical reports, and problem solving skills.  Ability to obtain and interpret pertinent information in terms of the patients’ needs that are age-appropriate.  Ability to select proper instrumentation / supplies appropriate for age group of patient served.  Demonstrates consistent ability to perform clinical skills necessary in the care and treatment of a variety of ages in patients, particularly focusing on the neonate, pediatric, adult and geriatric patient.



Exposure to normal hazards of clinical laboratory setting such as, exposure to disease-bearing specimens, toxic chemicals and hazardous wastes.  Lifting, bending, walking, sitting, standing and stooping required. Adaptability to changes and subject to call back twenty-four hours a day. Stress of time constraints and workload. (E)