Medical Laboratory Technician

Technicians / TechnologistsLaboratory Dalton, Georgia


Hamilton Health Care System, Inc.

Job Description and Performance Standards


Title: Medical Laboratory Technician   554026006

Department:  Laboratory

Reports To:  Section / Shift Supervisor

Shift: 9:00pm - 07:30am / Days Vary (Includes occasional weekends)

Status: Full-Time



Performs a wide variety of complex clinical laboratory tests and procedures according to established standards for patients of all age populations.  Maintains and/or calibrates highly scientific equipment.  Provides teaching and education to laboratory students and other personnel.  Must be able to demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to provide care appropriate to the age of the patient served.  Must demonstrate knowledge of age dependent expected values and access data reflective of the patient’s current status in relation to their age-specific needs. (E)



Education: NAACLS accredited Medical Laboratory Technician program or as stipulated by the Georgia Department of Community Health.

Licensure: Certified ASCP or equivalent.  Persons moving to the state or recent graduates of an accredited MLT program  will be temporarily classified as an MLT for 18 months prior to initial certification,  Must maintain certification throughout employment of Hamilton Medical Center.   Must meet  Georgia State Laws of licensure of clinical laboratories.

Experience: Recent graduation accepted.

Skills: Manual dexterity and good eye / hand coordination.  Ability to distinguish sound in low to high range to assure proper operation of clinical equipment.  Ability to communicate with other healthcare providers by telephone to obtain or give information critical to patient care.  Visual acuity, basic mathematical skills and color discrimination ability.  Ability to obtain and interpret pertinent information in terms of the patient’s needs that are age appropriate.  Ability to select proper instrumentation / supplies appropriate for age group of the patient served, particularly focusing on the neonate, pediatric, adult and geriatric patient. Demonstrates consistent ability to perform clinical skills necessary in the care and treatment of a variety of ages in patients, particularly focusing on the neonate, pediatric, adult and geriatric patients.  (E)



Requires flexible scheduling.  Exposure to normal hazards of clinical laboratory setting such as, exposure to disease-bearing specimens, toxic chemicals and hazardous wastes. Requires walking, standing, bending, sitting and stooping.  Works under stress of time constraints and workload.  Subject to call-back as needed.  (E)