Lead Technical Support Representative

Customer Service Birmingham, Alabama Hagerstown, Indiana


Position at Autocar, LLC

Can you be comfortable being uncomfortable? Can you do 2 or 3 jobs instead of only one? Are you fine with always speaking your mind? Can you lead, execute, and stay focused despite many distractions, and do the work yourself if needed?

 At Autocar, we fight for the customer’s needs. We are disrupting the industry by putting the customers’ needs first. Every truck we make is custom-engineered, and custom-made, specifically for that customer—no “one size fits all” here.  Because we engineer tools differently, we deliver trucks faster than the competition, and they WORK. The truck has more uptime, is more comfortable for the driver, and is safer—40% fewer crashes with injury than the industry average.* For the life of the truck, we have around-the-clock support.

 It takes a special kind of person to be a part of this business in transformation. We are privately owned and expect our team members to act with an owner mindset: Relentless about creating value for the customer. Dogged about finding efficiencies and eliminating waste. Standing arm and arm with the rest of the team until the job is done—and ready to do it again the next day, with a smile.

 It is not easy do things differently in this industry. But we do it—because we are passionate about improving the lives of the drivers that use our trucks.

What will you do? The Lead Technical Support Representative is responsible for guiding the troubleshooting efforts of customer field and service center technicians, diagnosing unit concerns called in or submitted to our Solutions Call Center to ensure customer satisfaction. The Technician coordinates the repair activities and provides technical assistance as needed to any individual associated with an Autocar product that has contacted Autocar for help.  Product knowledge expert on all escalations.

Skills and Requirements
- 2-3 years of Autocar specific product experience
-Internal systems experience including Solutions and Parts Catalog, Autocar Warranty System and Adnet.
-Cummins and Allison Transmission certification preferred
- Strong customer service experience
- A sense of urgency and ability to work quickly to resolve customer issues
- Excellent written and verbal communication skills
- Ability to learn quickly and become a subject matter expert
- Working knowledge of reading and using schematics
- Experience in heavy trucks or other automotive required.

Where will you work:  The Lead Technical Support Representative will be based in Birmingham, AL or Hagerstown, Indiana. The standard hours are between 7am-7pm EST.