Analyst (Junior)

Program Support Washington, DC


gTANGIBLE is in the process of identifying candidates for the following position.

Requisition Type: Non-Contingent/Active

Position Status: Opened Job Requisition on 8/25/2018

Position Title: Analyst (Junior)

The Analyst will provide analytical support services for the United States Coast Guard Assistant Commandant for Human Resources. This individual shall plan and provide analytical support for the facilitation, training, methodology development and evaluation, business management techniques, and organizational development. Additionally, the Analyst shall support USCG business process improvements and modernization projects.

Location: USCG Headquarters, 2703 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave SE, Stop 7828, Washington, DC, 20593-7828

Security Clearance Level: Candidate must be able to obtain a favorable DHS suitability determination

Duties and Responsibilities

Key responsibilities include: developing modern business methods, identifying best practices, and creating and assessing performance measurements. Responsibilities are further broken down below:

Analyze information contained in the USCG’s Human Resource Management System (Direct Access) to evaluate the accuracy, completeness, validity, and conformance to business rules and policy of data on personnel and positions. Make recommendations for changes in: business policy, business process, and information technology (IT) applications, needed to correct data.

Make recommendations for appropriate reports to monitor personnel data. Recommendations shall address: data elements reviewed, periodicity of report, program requiring data, and any other recommended factors that will assist the Government in monitoring the accuracy of the data. Reports will also include an assessment of the technical difficulty of obtaining the information.

Analyze personnel data which consists of, but is not limited to: Duty Status, Rank, Gender, Date of Birth, Date of Rank, Date of Entry, assignment history, training history, education, competencies, diversity, physical characteristics, dependent’s status, dependent’s gender, and dependent date of birth.

Analyze position data which consists of, but is not limited to: position title and spelling, department title and spelling, security clearances, position sensitivity, competencies, accomplishments, and department-position relationships.

Monitor and analyze the relationships between departments and units recorded in the USCG’s Human Resource Information System (Direct Access) for compliance with the approved USCG organization.

Monitor the data transfer from the USCG’s Training Management Tool (TMT) to Direct Access, evaluating data correctness and timeliness in conformance with current policy.  Make recommendations for changes to TMT data or business processes as required. 

Provide analytical support for the development and maintenance of workforce competencies. Provide analytical support for requested competency assignment changes and make recommendations for approval/disapproval. The Contractor shall submit all findings and recommendations to the COR for review. 

Provide support to Rating Force Master Chiefs and Program Managers in developing new competencies to ensure competencies are fully defined and validated in accordance with policy.

Knowledge and Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree.
  • Minimum of two (2) years management experience.
  • Demonstrated ability to analyze and validate data. Must be highly skilled in the use of Excel and the ability to manipulate data in the MS Office suite.
  • Strong written communication skills, demonstrated by the ability to consolidate and synthesize complex and varied sources of information into clear, concise and easily understandable documents.

gTANGIBLE Corporation is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against any employee or applicant because of race, age, sex, color, physical or mental disability, religion, sexual orientation, marital status, national origin, or political affiliation.