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Technical Support Rome, New York


This job description identifies the major responsibilities of this position. It does not include all aspects of the position such as potential additional duties requested by supervisors/managers and the requirement for flexibility in helping others for the Company’s overall benefit.  Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform essential functions.



Construct, maintain and repair test articles, structures, facilities, and associated test support requirements. Perform building and office renovations and routine facility maintenance.




  • Carpentry, finish and rough; roofer; plumber; painter; appliance and equipment repair; concrete; facilities maintenance technician; and laborer support.
  • Support meetings, shredder runs, moving equipment items, and logistical support including requisitioning and picking up materials from local venders.


  • Support projects and perform site maintenance to include operating tractors, Bobcat, sweepers, plow, snow throwers and towed or attached equipment to transport materials and equipment, digging, loading, spraying, clearing, or mowing.


  • Perform plumbing duties such as the following: troubleshoot/test various plumbing systems and equipment including backflow prevention devices such as reduced pressure principle devices, double check devices, atmospheric vacuum breakers, and other cross connection devices. Independently install, modify, repair, and maintain a variety of new and existing utility, supply, and disposal systems and equipment such as sewage, water, oil, and gas distribution systems, and water closets, tubs, backflow prevention devices/assemblies, fire sprinkler systems, and showers. Plan and accomplish work from initial layout to final assembly which involves interpreting and applying building plans, specifications, blueprints, sketches, and other plumbing guides/codes using shop mathematics.


  • Perform carpentry duties such as the following: independently apply skilled methods, techniques, and advanced shop mathematics to construct, install, repair, and modify a wide variety of structures. Plan and complete work from initial layout to final assembly by interpreting and applying complex building plans, specifications, blueprints, sketches, and other guides and codes. Apply a full range of carpentry methods in accomplishing complex tasks requiring construction of irregular sizes, shapes, and angles with precise fits and accurate dimensions.


  • Perform masonry duties such as the following: maintain, repair, and construct cement and concrete surfaces. Performs masonry tasks involved in the maintenance, repair, alteration, and construction of interior and exterior surfaces and structures. Compute concrete requirements and operate a cement mixer to mix and prepare concrete, ensuring the proper amount of cement, sand, stone, and water are used. Pour, spread, and level cement and concrete. Determine the type of mortar or concrete mix required. Mix concrete for smaller jobs or receive concrete from truck mounted mixers when large amounts are poured.


  • Perform painting duties such as the following: prepare various surfaces of interior and exterior components of buildings and other structures by mechanically and chemically removing old paint and rust, filling cracks, sanding, and applying fillers and base coats. Mix, thin, blend, and match tints and tones of coating materials. Apply coating materials using brushes, rollers, spray guns, and other means of application.


  • Perform roofing duties such as the following: repair and install roofs consisting of asphalt, tile, slate, roll roofing, felts, and shingles. Remove and replace sections of old, damaged, rotted, or deteriorated roofs. Repair leaks in roofs and install new roofing as required, including flashing and other roofing accessories. Operate asphalt kettle to heat asphalt to proper working temperature. Use hoist for raising asphalt and roofing materials to roof level.


  • Perform repair and preventative maintenance duties such as the following: examine, troubleshoot, and repair appliances, equipment, and systems. Perform preventive maintenance services. Conduct periodic preventive and recurring inspections, e.g., lubrication in accordance with manufacturers’ instructions and checking voltage and amperage changes in electrical equipment. Inspect equipment for condition and proper operation. Determine nature and complexity of repair(s) needed and repair items. Examine for wear and tear and replace worn out parts, bushings, linkage pins, and unserviceable system units and components. Disassemble, clean, and inspect for defective parts.  Perform needed repairs by replacing, reworking, or refinishing worn or damaged parts and components. Operate equipment to assure it is running properly and make needed adjustments. Maintain records on repair, preventive and unscheduled maintenance.


  • Perform grounds keeping duties such as the following: operate large, complex riding lawn mowers and similar types of specialized mowing equipment (e.g., multiple and independently controlled cutting decks) and/or specially designed riding mowers that operate on slopes and require constant attention to working space and environment. Operate various controls and levers to maneuver equipment and lift, lower, adjust, engage, and disengage components or attached devices when working around trees, trenches, large potholes, slopes, curbs, rocks, and other visible obstacles.


  • Utilize safety practices and procedures following established safety rules and regulations and maintain a safe and clean environment. Use and assure proper fit of required safety equipment and clothing. Follow federal and state rules when storing, using, handling, labeling, and disposing of hazardous materials and waste in accordance with environmental standards. Perform clean-up duties such as cleaning equipment, sweeping, straightening, and lining up tools, and other property in the assigned area.



BS Preferred.


Basic Qualifications:

Experience comparable to Air Force Enlisted with a military grade of E5 - E7 has been used to meet this requirement.


Other Requirements: NA

Air Force Skill Code Conversion: 3E0X1, 3E1X1 or  3E2X1

US Citizenship Required for this Position: Yes

Performance Location: Rome New York

Relocation Assistance: No

Clearance Type: N/A

Travel Required:  Yes

Mission Essential: Yes

The candidate shall be prepared to continue providing such services, in accordance with the terms and conditions of their contracts, during periods of crisis.

Shift-Work: Yes

Some of the task activities must be performed 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, accordingly, shift work for those contractor employees performing these services is normal.

Overtime: Yes

Overtime may be required for exercises or contingencies

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