Entry Control Point (ECP) Technician

Administrative Rome, New York Tacoma, Washington


This job description identifies the major responsibilities of this position. It does not include all aspects of the position such as potential additional duties requested by supervisors/managers and the requirement for flexibility in helping others for the Company’s overall benefit.  Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform essential functions.



Candidate will serve as the first line of defense for entry into facility.




  • Issue and retrieve Vindicator access control badges.
  • Work variable shift schedules (days and hours) to support contingencies, exercises, and emergency conditions.
  • Verify visit-authorization approval and individual identification.
  • Exchange identification document for Vindicator badge.
  • Brief individuals on proper use of badges.
  • Account for badges.
  • Perform identification checks as required to provide enhanced security, to include possible bag and hand-carried item checks/searches.
  • Provide compound vehicular access control. Operate the AOC compound vehicle gates (either manually or through use of automatic openers).
  • Perform random vehicle checks/searches based on exercise, contingency, or random antiterrorism measures. Establish cordons as directed by higher authority in support of safety, security, contingent, or antiterrorism measures (real world and/or exercise).
  • Randomly inspect parked vehicles in support of antiterrorism.
  • Provide physical security for AOC compound and facilities. Direct responsibility for security of AOC mail handling and ECP facilities.
  • Permit access to mail handling room by authorized AOC/LG and CONR-1 AF (AFNORTH/AFSPACE) personnel for mail/package screening duties. Conduct periodic compound security checks that entail complete physical inspection of all compound security.
  • Perform video surveillance monitoring and logging, report unusual circumstances through chain of command and/or Base Defense Operations Center (BDOC). Report all video surveillance operational discrepancies to the CONR-1 AF (AFNORTH/AFSPACE/A9 program manager.
  • Coordinate with CONR-1 AF (AFNORTH/AFSPACE) and 325 FW protocol offices to allow AOC compound access for large tour groups.
  • Act as liaison between compound visitors and unit point of contact. Facilitate unhindered access as much as possible.
  • Modify Vindicator system operation to control compound turnstiles.
  • Program and issue Vindicator Badges.
  • Maintain the AOC Entry Authority List (EAL) utilizing the Joint Personnel Adjudication System (JPAS) to verify and validate Visit Authorization Requests (VARs).
  • Conduct Random Antiterrorism Measures (RAMs) assigned to the AOC as directed by the Installation Antiterrorism Officer.
  • Report the status of RAMs conducted to the Installation Antiterrorism Officer.
  • Accomplish and maintain all pertinent ECP training proficiencies to include quality control (QC) in order to meet mission and duty requirements.
  • Perform basic daily housekeeping of work area.
  • Ensure new members accomplish and document initial security education using the 101 AOG SF In-Processing checklist.
  • Perform in-processing functions and indoctrination for access within DISS.
  • Accomplish creation of and signature routing for AF Form 2586, Unescorted Entry Authorization Certificate
  • Notify the 125FW Chief, Information Protection when new 101 AOG members are gained.
  • Notify CONR-1 AF (AFNORTH/AFSPACE) Command Security Managers when Active Duty members are assigned for duties at the 601 AOC.
  • Perform out-processing functions and debrief local access within DISS.
  • Accomplish creation of an acknowledgement for AF Form 2587, Security Termination Statement if required.
  • Notify the 125FW Chief, Information Protection when Guard members retire/separate/PCS.
  • Notify CONR-1 AF (AFNORTH/AFSPACE) Command Security Managers when Active Duty members retire/separate/PCS.
  • Ensure appropriate training has been accomplished and clearance data is included and notated when processing AF Form 2875.
  • Ensure members accomplish and receive instructions for obtaining appropriate clearance and information protection training.  Examples:
  1. Derivative Classification certification
  2. Marking Special Categories of Classified Information certification
  3. NATO briefings
  4. Initial Security Education and Awareness training
  5. Classified Courier briefing
  6. Foreign Travel briefing
  7. Continuous Evaluation briefing
  • Create and maintain security training files for all members assigned to the AOC.
  • Utilize DISS to validate clearance data on forms which require clearance data.  Examples:
  1. DD Form 2875, System Authorization Access Request
  2. ANG Form 336, Air National Guard Orders Request
  3. AF Form 2587, Security Termination Statement
  4. AF IMT 2586, Unescorted Entry Authorization Certificate
  5. AHRC TASS Form 2.1
  6. Other official Security Clearance Verification Memorandums
  • Input Visit Authorization Requests for all AOC members whose clearances are either “serviced” or “owned” in DISS.
  • Input new members as subjects into the 101 AOG SMO by creating an administrative “relationship” in DISS.  Follow up with communicating the relationship with 125FW/IP.
  • Access the Global Electronic Approval Routing System (GEARS) to access clearance requests.
  • Validate monthly clearance requests for specific AOC divisions which validate members’ clearances by mandate. 
  • Ensure familiarity with the Foreign Partner clearance roster as provided by the Foreign Disclosure Officer or other designated official.
  • Ensure members listed on the 601 AOC/101 AOG Unit Manning Document maintain active clearances.
  • Advise and instruct members concerning the details of their active clearances, timelines associated with their clearance level, and local access eligibility.
  • Familiarization with Air Force Instruction 16-1404, Information Security Program, ACC Supplement, and Air Force Guidance Memorandum 2020-01, 23 July 2020 is required.
  • Perform duties as an assistant to the 101 AOG Security Manager.




BS Preferred. 

Basic Qualifications:

  • Experience comparable to Air Force enlisted with a military grade of E7 has been used to meet this requirement.
  • Must have a minimum of 5 years related experience


Other Requirements: NA

Air Force Skill Code Conversion: 3P0X1

US Citizenship Required for this Position: Yes

Performance Location: Rome New York and Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington State

Relocation Assistance: No

Clearance Type: N/A

Travel Required:  Yes

Mission Essential: Yes

The candidate shall be prepared to continue providing such services, in accordance with the terms and conditions of their contracts, during periods of crisis.

Shift-Work: Yes

Some of the task activities must be performed 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, accordingly, shift work for those contractor employees performing these services is normal.

Overtime: Yes

Overtime may be required for exercises or contingencies

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