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At Wavemaker we are passionate about PPC - it's what we do - so we are always looking for dedicated specialists to join the journey..

Wavemaker Precision

About Wavemaker Precision

In September 2018, Wavemaker UK brought all its specialists in data-driven marketing into one unit, Wavemaker Precision, focused on accelerating digital transformation for brands. WM Precision is a high-performance digital-first unit made up of experts in marketing technology, analytics, programmatic, social media, paid search, organic performance and ecommerce.

WM Precision is made up of c.180 specialists in London and Manchester, with an ambition to be the most distinctive and admired data-driven marketing practitioners in the UK. We will do this through:

  • A single-minded focus on advancing clients’ digital marketing maturity through technical innovation, analytical rigour and a culture of continuous learning and optimisation
  • An agile operating model designed to help clients take control of their digital investment, including support for the creation of in-house capabilities
  • Certified specialist expertise in leading marketing technology and media platforms, and a strong ethos of partnership and innovation with tech and digital media businesses
  • A technology-powered service model with a development roadmap focused on original data science to automate and optimise marketing delivery
  • A culture that rewards expertise and invests in training and developing specialist talent
  • A commitment to driving higher standards in digital media quality, transparency and the responsible use of data

What you’ll get from working at Wavemaker

A clear career path. when the time is right for you to move on from the PPC Precision Director role there are at least three paths for you:

  • PPC Platform. If you want to continue your expertise in PPC but spread this knowledge to more clients and people, then this is your next step.
  • Precision. If you’re keen to broaden your skills and be able to help clients across a number of platforms (PPC, Paid Social, Display, Programmatic + others) then this is your next step.
  • Something else. This could be a move into another specialism (Paid Social Platform Lead or Programmatic Platform lead for example) or in to any of our other roles such a Design, Delivery, Content, Analytics, Audience Science…the list goes on.

Develop your expertise. Clients increasingly recognise the value of deep platform expertise in growing their business. Therefore, we will help you develop and grow your expertise in PPC, it could be in specific areas such as analytics, copy writing, scripts, automation, bidding strategies etc. You find the area/s you’re interested in and show how it benefits our clients and we’ll help you become an expert in that area through a combination of training, mentoring (this can be from specialists from other parts of WPP) and giving you the space to develop this expertise.

A lot of benefits: It’s no accident we’ve been a Times Top 100 company for quite some time. Our Care, Create and Grow framework is something you’ll become very familiar with.

What do we want from you?

We’re looking for super talented PPC specialists who can help grow our clients’ businesses while growing our people. To that end when we meet we’ll be looking for you to show us examples of work and experiences you have had that help you achieve those two goals.

The image below shows you what we’re looking for in our PPC People

You’ll notice we’ve not said anything about being exceptional at writing slides or presenting. It’s fantastic if you have those skills, but we’re much more interested in finding people who have a very high standard of PPC technical expertise and are able to coach and mentor their teams to attain the same (or higher) levels of expertise and performance.


The details of the role

People management: there is always the option, but it's not mandatory, as everyone is different and frankly, some people just aren't interested - which is fine.

Major and minor specialism. Positions below Director are 100% focused on a specific channel (PPC, paid social etc). At the director level you are able to broaden your skills – if you wish – into other channels. Your major will be PPC, with Paid social or programmatic, for example, as your minor area of expertise.

Client teams or specialist teams. You will sit within a client team but will be managed by a PPC specialist and belong to the PPC community.

Flexible working is a real thing. The rules are simple: do brilliant work in a way that:

  1. Works for your client
  2. Works for your team
  3. Works for you
To know more about our benefits or what roles we currently have to offer, get in touch!

GroupM is an equal opportunity employer. We view everyone as an individual and we understand that inclusion is more than just diversity – it’s about belonging. We celebrate the fact that everyone is unique and that’s what makes us so good at what we do. We pride ourselves on being a company that embraces difference and truly represents the global clients we work with.

If you need assistance or an accommodation due to a disability, please email us via