Creative Intern – EssenceMediacom

Future Talent & Entry Level Copenhagen, Denmark


Position at EssenceMediacom

Creative Futures is looking for interns.     
We are a group of art directors, copywriters, designers, motion graphic designers and producers who turn briefs into concepts and concepts into films, social posts, print ads, billboards, products and other things that should provoke people in relevant ways.     
We are looking for students who want hands on experience creating, concepting, and developing big ideas with us. 
What is Creative Futures you may be asking yourself by now 
(if you’re still reading this).     
Creative Futures is the creative offering from EssenceMediacom, it works across the agency on our clients helping them communicate in ways that build bridges between the brands and, tech, data, media and creativity. We know that the communication landscape is changing, and we want to be at the front of that change. We see ourselves as drivers, not passengers. 
We can offer you…      
  • Hands on experience, like you get to actually do work that matters not just busy work.
  • An internship opportunity where you can help shape your own role.
  • A chance to experience the day-to-day operations of a large agency with a global network.
  • Bread as in complimentary breakfast, lunch, and unlimited access to fruits, snacks, soft drinks, coffee, and tea ( we know the last bit isn’t bread but it sounded good).
  • The opportunity to gain knowledge of the whole house – and how each effects that changing media landscape we spoke of in a previous paragraph.
  • A mid-internship career conversation about your career prospects at EssenceMediacom or elsewhere within GroupM.
  • The chance to work with clients such as Ewii, Circle K, MaxiZoo, Øresundsbroen, DTU, XL-Byg, Adidas, Tempur, and more.
Some (maybe boring) practical Information   
  • Ideally you have spent some time working in programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, Figma, AfterEffects, Premier, etc. Unless you use your words more than pictures, than that’s ok. 
  • Please include some relevant work in your application – things you’ve made, they can be personal projects and not only for brands etc.
Does it sound interesting? 
We look forward to receiving your portfolio and application. Tell us about your experiences, skills, and areas of interest, and we will continuously invite candidates for interviews.     
The internship program begins from mid-August 2024, and lasts for four to five months. It is a full-time position of 37 hours per week. However, we are flexible and will adjust the program to accommodate your studies and any part-time jobs you may have. The internship is unpaid, but there will be plenty of exciting challenges and great colleagues… and who knows, you might be the next in line of interns who are subsequently offered a job at the agency!    
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Rich Perusi, Creative Director at Creative Futures, at [email protected]