KR Wavemaker | Global Media Lead H/F

Executive Leadership/Client Leadership Paris, France


Role Context:

For Wavemaker’s largest global client and also the largest GroupM client when the combined WM/MS relationship is considered. It is also a top 20 “horizontal” client for WPP globally.

GroupM has worked with them since 2014 and we have recently grown the relationship in APAC with Mindshare. We work with them in 20+ markets including the key markets of US, China and UK.
Our client is a stand out in terms of size, scope and ambition. Over the past years we have been instrumental localy helping to accelerate their digital transformation. Establishing new ways of planning and buying and building flexible teams in market to respond to their business needs. To support markets we have invested in a global team that adds value to the center client in Paris and translates global media strategies across multiple regions while nourishing relationships to drive growth and increase the scope in other key markets and regions.

The ideal candidate would have many/all of the following characteristics:

  • Ideally come from a large local market and preferably having previously worked on Beauty category
  • Strong media agency background and knowledge
  • Experienced traditional and digital media practitioner
  • Proven in multi-market / network management
  • Excellent knowledge of GroupM and WPP products (or ability to learn quickly)
  • Capable of both leading and collaborating within WPP horizontal projects
  • Both service and commercially driven – adept at achieving the right balance with clients
  • Strong networking skills and capable of initiating relationships with a broad group of client stakeholders
  • Proven in developing and delivering pragmatic (not theoretical) guidelines and ways of working across markets in very short turn-arounds
  • Credible partner to the Chief Digital (and media) Officer of the Consumer Products Division Asmita Dubey


Core Responsibilities:

Drive the digital transformation agenda This is a crucial strategic focus and the ultimate measure of your success. This client is totally committed to building the future of beauty and that means becoming a digital, data and audience based organization while being able to deliver on the global media fundamentals. They have significant customer data and have invested heavily in Google’s DMP and Tech Stack. You must help turn all this investment into a sustainable data and content driven strategy for growth, ensuring that Wavemaker and GroupM are seen to be ahead of the client, always providing guidance and direction rather than reaction and validation. You have access to the entire GroupM and WPP organization to deliver on this and one of the requirements of the role is knowing who to approach and when. You must lead this transformation but you will not be expected to deliver it alone.

Be a trusted and respected advisor to our key central clients. Much of your time will be spent working with the Global Media and Digital team and you will have to expand your relationship to the Global Brand Teams. Their reason for being is simply to add value to markets: in that regard your role is to help determine the key areas of focus and deliver clarity and purpose to every project and work-stream. You will need to quickly become a trusted partner, able to deliver against day to day operational needs and at the same time, help shape the longer term strategic narrative. This is not a role for a “yes person”, you must be confident and credible enough to deliver useful advice even if that means sometimes saying no or disagreeing with the client – Our client respects authenticity and honest points of view.

Significant C-Suite engagement. There are regular top-to-top sessions with both the CPD President and Lubomira the Chief Digital Officer. Our leader must have the confidence and personal impact to contribute positively in these sessions. You will be the senior face of Wavemaker and must represent us accordingly. These sessions often involve Mark Read so you are also representing WM and GroupM internally within WPP.

Leading our central team You will have a team of 3+ FTE based with you in Paris and an extended team of 8 FTE in London. This team is responsible for all central client engagement and the delivery of all global commercial and trading commitments. It is your role to manage and motivate the team such that our objectives and expectations are clear and that our client is receiving the service they require and rightly expect.

Influence our 21 markets We work with this client in 21 markets which represent around 50% of total our client's media spend. Budgets are set and invested locally but the HQ set the global marketing and digital investment agenda for the company. It is essential we bring the best of WM and GroupM to the client in every market and that there are no “weak links”. Markets are incredibly influential and if they are not happy, it puts our entire relationship under threat. Your role is to both “push” the central agenda to our markets and to “pull” best practice and share with everyone. Where there are problems you will ideally anticipate them in advance and intervene accordingly, where remedial action is required you must act swiftly. Our markets have their own P&Ls and local  challenges to focus on but as the Client Global Leader you must have the interpersonal skills to drive the client agenda everywhere

Key connector in the client team, representing our interest and being a team player As highlighted earlier, our client is a top 20 WPP client with a Media, Creative and Research relationship. Wavemaker are the only global partner within "the client team" and we work very closely with the Global  lead (who is based with you in Paris). You will be expected to fully and fairly represent the interest of WM within this team but to always do so in a spirit of collaboration and cooperation.

Desired Competencies:

  • Client Business and Category Knowledge

Demonstrates strong understanding of the client’s category, their business and their competitors. Uses this knowledge to put compelling strategies and recommendations in the right context to address client’s business issues

  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Effectively identifies insights and develops hypotheses to solve complex client problems using available research and data; and frame/develop solutions to address client’s key business challenges outlined in overall scope; pulls in executives/ specialists appropriately
  • Quality of Ideas and Solutions Through intrinsic awareness of group capability, collaborates with internal partners & specialists to develop relevant, bold and creative ideas/solutions for clients using WM processes, frameworks and approaches.
  • Storylining and Framing

Directly guides and manages the team (and specialists) to develop clear, logical and persuasive stories and communications linked to client’s objectives and business opportunities

  • Account and Client Operations

Effectively develops and manages clear work plans to meet client requirements outlined in the SOW, delivers high quality plans and strategies on-time and on-budget, and demonstrates strong oversight and management of account commercial details

  • Client Relationship Building

Cultivates, trusted advisor relationships with senior clients through active engagement, putting the client needs first, and delivering on transactional deliverables outlined with agreed SOW.  Consistently identifies client needs and opportunities, and demonstrates ability to extend WM’s scope of influence beyond SOW and convert existing relationships into new business

  • Team Development/Management

Aligns team’s around client goals, articulates each persons’ role, recognizes potential and motivates to drive heightened performance.  Provides effective praise and continuously encourages 2-way feedback to build strong, efficient and inspired teams.

  • Communications and Presence

Is an articulate speaker and convincing when communicating across a variety of audiences internally and externally. Asks intelligent, well-thought out questions. Demonstrates active listening skills and can effectively respond to client questions /concerns.  Leads conversations to successful outcomes by reading the room and actively adapting to client feedback and dynamics.

  • Product Knowledge and Expertise

Demonstrates a solid understanding, technical proficiency, and curiosity of ever evolving media and marketing fundamentals and ecosystem, and has the ability to engage clients with a clear POV and fluency around the full set of WM/Group M capabilities/offers - both directly and through the effective collaboration of specialists

  • Champions Wavemaker

Demonstrates the WM PACED values in majority of daily activities, champions the growth of the agency through client interactions, and proactively supports the execution of key internal initiatives, strategies, and business development pursuits


Expected standards of behavior: We hold ourselves accountable to our WM global PACED behaviours. With PACED as the backdrop, we require our people to be self-starters, with high standards. We know that great teams still have star players but we want everyone to bring their own uniqueness to the party and contribute in their own style. We do not tolerate exclusion of team members or their ideas. 

PACED Passionate – brings a genuine thrill and excitement to the role Agile – able to be nimble in thought and action and overcome obstacles to achieve great things Collaborative – works well with others, and can align behind a shared purpose Entrepreneurial – is open to new ideas, and will challenge old ones. Diverse – is proud of the difference they and others can bring

Required experience:

  • Hands on experience working with client data, DMP, tech stack and advising/implementing appropriate digital and data strategies
  • Experience of the media and/or marketing industry
  • Proven track record of leading large complex relationships across offices and regions
  • Proven track record of building multi-functional, high performing and motivated teams
  • Experience of managing client C-Suite relationships