GroupM | Social Media Specialist Manager (Team Lead)

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Position at GroupM

Position :  Social Media Specialist Manager (Team Lead)

Client-oriented tasks

  • Overall social media development of the assigned priority client, client prioritization and support in the development of other clients, and overall client development strategy
  • Social Media Scope Management, preparation of the contractual agreements - social media part for clients and ensuring that the team is aware of the conditions
  • Ensuring that developed social media strategy fits within the overall media strategy and reflects the business goals of the clients
  • Joint-responsibility with Trading for the allocation and derivation of social media commitments
  • Hub steering and overall project management/ coordination, workflow & efficiency monitoring: Ensuring smooth cooperation with the hub and teams, continues process improvement and new development if needed + transition lead for new offshoring hubs
  • Serves as an escalation point for matters not resolved by the junior, specialist, or senior handles flagged/urgent/emergency/ad hoc matters
  • Frequent status updates to the digital leadership team, regular exchanges with Director/Head
  • Co-responsibility for efficient distribution of the social media budget based on requirements from the client and digital planning team
  • Collaboratively takes care of audits over relevant social media with other TLs
  • Maintenance of the current Revenue Streams/development of new Revenue Streams for the unit, responsible for issuing KVAs and ensuring proactive upselling of Social and Digital MC products to increase unit revenue + social media admin setup like IOs
  • Support and guidance of the team in delivering analysis, reportings, deep-dive PPTs, taking a lead in related organizational topics

Agency-oriented tasks

  • Co-responsibility for team output (controlling and quality check)
  • Collaboratively define manageable deadlines with Director/Head and comply with the quality standards of documents (raise the issue if input from stakeholders are consecutively not meeting requirements)
  • Responsible for increasing the revenue from influencer marketing projects and improving processes and workflows connected with influencer partners
  • Keeps good relationships with all media partners and develops new connections to platforms/products that can bring additional value
  • Collaborative derivation of media strategies with TLs, Strategists - Certainty and competence in all social media questions
  • Strategic-level client consultation for priority clients, leading client workshops, target reviews, strategic meetings, etc.
  • Confident in all social media categories and leadership categories, quality standard monitoring, development of best practice, improvement + creation of value-added resources in-house like newsletters, social channels, internal training, webinars
  • Innovation steering and development planning with the team, process improvements to increase client satisfaction, handles social delivery standardization ( templates, layouts, etc.).
  • Co-responsibility for efficient budget spending on all social media channels
  • Active exchange with other TLs, sharing attitude and support in the event of staff shortage
  • Development of new projects that benefit the agency

Employee-oriented tasks

  • Supports Head/Director in efficient usage and allocation of resources, including backup
  • Is a leader that can positively influence internal and external stakeholders and serves as Head/Director representative if needed
  • Efficient leadership of assigned employees in terms of resource distribution, motivation, and classification of strengths and weaknesses of each employee and putting the strengths into use + team development
  • Ensures information flow - in all directions: superior as well as the employee in a positive manner
  • Delegates the resources appropriately within the team and the hub network
  • Helps to improve and develop the employee's professional knowledge, supports the employees in promotional efforts, offers mentoring
  • Builds the connections within a wider WPP network

Professional knowledge:

  • Fluent knowledge of tools, advertising solutions, and tools for measuring the effectiveness of campaigns in the area of social media and influencer marketing
  • Experience in planning and implementing campaigns with the use of advertising solutions in the field of social media and influencer marketing
  • Digital marketing knowledge - trends, tools, suppliers, etc.
  • Very good working knowledge of the methodology of using digital campaign performance indicators

Soft skills:

  • Delegating tasks - Delegating responsibilities and powers to employees necessary to perform both routine and important tasks, the ability to adjust the appropriate difficulty of tasks to the level of employees' competences
  • Managing others - Effective planning, organizing and controlling work of the subordinates, the ability to integrate, and mobilize people to joint action, provide feedback and tips on the course of work and its results
  • Conflict resolution - The ability to solve misunderstandings in the team on a current basis, taking care not to escalate, quickly seeing, naming and orienting yourself in conflict situations, showing understanding of various points of view, encouraging and supporting open communication, the ability to find satisfactory solutions for all parties, taking care that the conflict does not adversely affect the implementation of tasks
  • Managing novelty/innovation - Skilful introduction to work of innovative ideas and new solutions and using the potential of employees in this area, keep track of what's new in the market, and be able to judge which of these novel ideas will be adopted in the future, supporting others in inventing and implementing creative ideas, willingness to create and test new and non-standard solution