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At Mindshare we provide answers to our business challenges by creating the most innovative and effective media solutions possible. We do this by understanding the clients challenge, engaging the right audiences by creating the right connections and content, wrapped in measurement frameworks that demonstrate success. We define, design, build and adapt across audiences, connections, content and measurement.

The Connections Planning team plays a crucial role in designing the audiences, connections, content and measurement that deliver the most innovative and effective solutions to clients. To do this requires a team of people with a high degree of knowledge of the UK media market and a deep understanding of the role of technology in driving opportunities to target audiences, it’s impact on the connections and content that will engage people, and how media can be measured and optimised.

Members of the team understand consumer trends and are able to translate insights and strategic direction into actionable media solutions. They interact with a wide range of other teams including Intelligence and Strategic Planning, the specialist channel teams that execute the media, and the Live Planning team that optimises across all media channels.


Connections Planners build on the defined approach to audiences, connections, content and measurement to design the most effective and innovative plan to deliver the defined business objectives. They specify how to build and target specified audiences in addressable and non-addressable media, and validate the approach to ensure that the defined audience can be connected with at the scale required.

Taking the Connections Strategy and Framework, the Connections Planners design the Connections Ecosystem and create the Connections Plan to show how we will to connect with each audience. In parallel, the Connections Idea is developed into a Connected Experience and the measurement and testing framework to inform the plan (including in-channel and cross-channel media metrics and criteria for decision-making) is designed.

Connections Planners are responsible for:

• Designing an approach that specifies how and where we will connect with defined audiences in media
• Designing the Connections Ecosystem & Plan
• Designing the Connected Experience
• Designing measurement & testing framework to inform the plan 


The Connection Planner has 4 key responsibilities – to design the solution to the Client Challenge across Audiences, Connections, Content and Measurement.


The role requires a broad and deep knowledge of:
• The market dynamics of all media, the strengths, roles and key partners in each.
• AdTech and social media platforms.
• 3rd party data sources, the structure and function of websites.
• Media metrics across all channel.

It requires skills that include:
• Use of audience research & planning tools eg. TGI, Touchpoints, Live Audience.
• Use of media budgeting tools eg. Media 4 Growth, Touchpoints Channel Planner.
• Use of Kantar, Touchpoints and other data to understand synergies between media channels.
• Facilitate P4A workshops; prepare briefing materials for content partners and in-house production.
• Design audiences in both addressable and non-addressable media 


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