Compliance Manager, MENA

Finance & Commercial Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Business Integrity Function

 An overall business integrity function comprises both a centralized team with backgrounds in the following disciplines, as well as liaison with specific teams addressing these disciplines and the Finance, HR and Transaction Services (due diligence) teams:

  • Legal
  • Investigations
  • Audit
  • SOX
  • IT / IT Security
  • Privacy / Data protection

 Business integrity needs to be organized with full regard to the structure of the group, and the evolving structural changes that are a work in progress, together with shared service centers (SSCs). It must be able to identify and respond to risks within the group as set out in the WPP Risk Framework, and any emerging risks.


The Role


The specific role in this description is Dubai based with coverage of the Middle East and North Africa, for a person with a background in accounting (including systems and finance department structures) and ICFR (internal controls over financial reporting) and experience of ABC risks, supply chains, whistleblowing, control environments and records management.

The role reports to the EMEA Compliance Director, based in London who in turn reports to the WPP General Counsel, Corporate Risk, based in London, who in turn reports to the WPP Group Chief Counsel.

 Key accountabilities:

Items applicable in as far as the person’s skill set/background is relevant to the nature of the issue raised

  • Investigating whistleblowing reports generated in respect of the Middle East and North Africa.
  • Investigating breaches of the WPP Code of Conduct and other ethical codes in the Middle East and North Africa.
  • Investigating breaches of external codes applicable to agencies where appropriate (e.g. marketing standards) in the Middle East and North Africa.

General accountabilities

  • Supporting the EMEA Compliance Director in ensuring that the WPP Risk Framework is understood by those responsible for the risks and those delegated throughout the Middle East and North Africa.
  • Collaborating with other WPP and regional departments in pursuit of the objectives of the role.
  • Responding to and assisting the EMEA Compliance Director with responses to day to day regulatory queries.
  • Reporting areas of concern arising from the work performed.
  • Assisting the EMEA Compliance Director with monitoring and communicating regulatory change in the Middle East and North Africa and actively influencing the business to establish control frameworks.
  • Assisting the EMEA Compliance Director with training staff in the Middle East and North Africa regarding ethics and regulatory requirements.
  • Assisting with information preparation and gathering in response to regulatory or legal requests.
  • Assisting with the completion, review, and evaluation at the local level in the Middle East and North Africa of internal risk assessments.


The Person

Skill Requirements

  • A professional background, with ACA or equivalent
  • Strong understanding of ICFR
  • Problem solver – able to work without a predetermined programme in order to identify and solve issues
  • Experience in core structural change processes, such as new systems and SSCs
  • Experience in investigations
  • Known ability to operate with and be respected by senior personnel
  • Language skills (in particular Arabic) beneficial


Personal Qualities

  • Assertive, not aggressive
  • Ethical, principled and passionate about the work
  • Communicates with clarity and focus
  • Listens, doesn’t just hear
  • Pragmatic, but also robust
  • Good relationship builder
  • Persuasive
  • Multi-tasker, organized