Senior Strategist (Content and Comms)

Comms & Strategic Planning London, England


Position at MediaCom


A Global Creative Systems Strategy Director is the personification of ‘Seeing the Bigger Picture’ 

What do you

Working both outside of and alongside specialist teams within Creative Systems (and other departments); a CS Strategy Director is an expert in finding connections and joining the dots. Whether through the unearthing of data and insights that fuse to steer strategic and creative development; or by spotting opportunities to connect teams, departments or tactical executions in the pursuit of a shared objective.

You are responsible for the development of CS strategic processes, products and tools; and the vanguard / guardian of our strategic output. From their development and dissemination, to their practical application on briefs, pitches and projects, you will lead CS strategic development across a range of clients (working collaboratively with Systems Intelligence). A % of your time will also be dedicated to specific account teams.

Who are you

Part strategist, part analyst, part creative, part planner, you are a strategic all-rounder. And will have working knowledge of Creative System’s core capabilities such as Creative Analytics, DCO, SEO and Influencer marketing; you are CS’s strategic Swiss-Army Knife. While you may have a specialist area, you will mostly operate outside of siloes and specialisms but be able to identify when specialist skills or knowledge are required.

You are skilled in the interrogation and digestible presentation of complex data; a story-teller and persuasive communicator. Adept in the utilization of insight and intelligence tools and resources. As such, you will be able apply the use of these tools to the development of client work, and CS product development and innovation

How you succeed

Collaboration Hunter - consultative partnering with clients, account and specialist teams

Inherently Curious and able to identify opportunities, and explore new ways-of-working

Integrated - sound understanding of Creative Systems, and wider agency offering

People First – contribute to a culture that supports and celebrates everyone

Prolific Practitioner– build and deliver cutting edge solutions to our Clients

Growth Obsessed – focused on driving ROI for clients and revenue growth for MediaCom

Bigger picture thinking and selling

Teacher/Student - Willing to learn, teach, lead and follow