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Future Makers


GroupM recently merged two of its leading global media agencies, MEC and Maxus, to form a brand new media, content and technology agency – one of the largest in the world. WAVEMAKER exists to be Future Makers: to build brands that pioneer the future, inspire society and move customers to action. What started with a blank page and a fresh perspective has resulted in building an agency of the future.


Bound together by our Purchase Journey approach, we help clients translate audience behaviours and insights into smart decisions today, for a prosperous tomorrow. Our organizational capabilities and specialisms, along with the talents of our 8,500 people are united through our focus on understanding, accelerating and optimising purchase journeys. Our obsession with purchase journeys is apparent in the solutions we create for clients, in how we structure ourselves and in the job roles our people perform. So a job a WAVEMAKER may not sound like a job at any other agency, and that’s because it isn’t.


Our people are encouraged to become the best versions of themselves and share the values and behaviours of what we refer to as BVU (best version of you) -  passionate, agile, collaborative, entrepreneurial, and diverse. With our combined global heritage coming together to create something new; our people are the brains, the data experts and the thinkers of the GroupM family.


WAVEMAKER is a leader in its field.  We’re in front of transformation, making waves by making bold choices. It means the impact of our choices today creates momentum into the future.


Our vision is simple: To become the most distinctive and admired media, content and technology agency in the world.


The future is not only coming, it’s now.










Role context:

Journey Delivery holds a pivotal role responsible for ensuring that every step taken throughout the Purchase Journey on behalf of the client by the Wavemaker team is maximized for effectiveness and efficiency. You are the beating heart of the agency, driving best in class media, tech & content solutions for clients.

The Journey Delivery Team’s role can broadly be split into three key areas of responsibility:

  1. You will be the day-to-day voice of the client within the team. You will be the custodian of all your clients’ campaigns, proving them and any other external stakeholders with a continuous clear line of sight of their investment throughout the Purchase Journey.  You will be the client’s primary point of contact, from briefing through to reporting.  You will build a close rapport with your clients and gain a deep understanding of their business; informing both responsive and proactive strategic suggestions as to how Wavemaker can best partner with them.


  1. You will manage and oversee the delivery of the Purchase Journey. Within WM, you will excel at stakeholder management and project coordination, and be an expert collaborator.  You will act as the glue between the client and Journey Activation (media channel specialists), striving for operational excellence, ensuring that all stakeholders perfectly activate the Journey, to budget, to targeted KPIs, and on time. You will both challenge and support the Journey Activation teams in all stages of the Purchase Journey:
    1. Thorough and clear briefing delivered to Journey Activation
    2. Subsequent scrutinisation of their rationale of response to brief – pre-empting client queries and reservations, as well as ensuring all avenues have been considered, thereby being confident that the response to brief is the best route to take.
    3. Engage in collaborative discussions of opportunities for enhancement and optimisations throughout live campaigns.
    4. Reviewing reports and the overall performance of the Journey.  Ensuring the client is provided with the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’.
    5. Ensuring accurate and prompt billing of campaigns.
  2. You will drive growth and refinement of campaign strategies.  You will do this by work closely and collaboratively with:
    1. the Journey Design Team (comms planning) to better understand your clients’ current and potential audience, in both their media and purchase behaviour.  Centralising the purchase journey within all strategies encourages appreciation of the larger picture within which you will identify how your clients can be positioned with the greatest of significance. 
    2. the TAPP Team (Technology, Effectiveness & Data), to ensure all strategy is rooted in data informed decisioning, and initiatives are reportable back to tangible client business KPI's.

In doing so, you will coordinate these internal stakeholders to uncover key insights and hypothesise tangible opportunities, rooted in both data and strategic creativity.




JOB TITLE:Manager or Senior Manager, dependant on experience and expertise

REPORTING TO:Sarah Levy (Business Director)
Lucy Mallinson (Account Director – Vimto only)




Schär, Kikkoman, Open Money, Money Advisory Service, Vimto

Your clients are:

  • Digitally savvy
  • Pioneering in both online and offline media
  • Branding led
  • Thirsty for innovation and eager to explore new opportunities



You will act as the key day-to-day contact and account handler for you clients.  You will be their main point of contact, and are responsible for the efficient and effective running of the account.

Key areas of responsibility:

  • Lead day to day communications with the client.
  • Act as the central point of liaison for all campaigns and projects being delivered. 
  • Prioritisation of client satisfaction and ensuring a high level of service.
  • Keeping the Business/Account Director informed of any issues; ideally pre-emptively.
  • Working closely with the Business/Account Director on longer term client strategy and development.
  • Assisting Business/Account Director with financial performance and growth, and being responsible for smooth and accurate billing of campaigns.

Additional clients and responsibilities where required.

GroupM is an equal opportunity employer. We view everyone as an individual and we understand that inclusion is more than just diversity – it’s about belonging. We celebrate the fact that everyone is unique and that’s what makes us so good at what we do. We pride ourselves on being a company that embraces difference and truly represents the global clients we work with.

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