Client Leadership Director (Digital)

Comms & Strategic Planning Riyadh, Na


Position at Mindshare

The Client Leadership Director (Digital) is primarily responsible for managing all senior client relationships on a major account or several key accounts. They also oversee the profitability of the account(s) and ensure the integration and process flow throughout business planning, invention and the exchange.

The successful candidate should be a digital native with experience across international markets.

Job responsibilities: 

  • To act as the senior client contact, developing and maintaining senior client relationships; to become the client’s lead business partner and attend, present and provide counsel at all significant client meetings.
  • To demonstrate an extensive understanding of the brand and category dynamics and their short-and-near horizon challenges - to the standard of commanding respect as a lead business partner
  • To establish the overall strategic media approach and the overall media planning product; to approve the key strategic elements of media plans and the implementation process to be employed that ensures delivery against business objectives and client satisfaction
  • Ensure the team produces quality, award-winning work that demonstrates original thinking that exceed clients’ briefs, needs and expectations
  • Ensure that the agency is up-to-date on aspects of media, consumer and market trends through cross media analysis and tracking the competitive marketplace, programme data and preparation of relevant case studies and appropriate team or cross function briefings and training sessions.
  • Ensure account profitability and play a key role in assisting with new business activities applying original thinking to identify new media and new opportunities, creating growth and added value to existing or new business accounts.
  • To recruit, develop, motivate, direct, monitor, evaluate, mentor and support reporting staff as required to fulfil the functional remit.
  • The jobholder should monitor their function and to prioritise, communicate, assign or delegate responsibilities to direct reports to ensure the remit is achieving the required levels of performance and take whatever remedial action is necessary.

Desired Skills and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • The jobholder is required to contact and build strong relationships with clients on assigned accounts. He/she should also demonstrate a thorough understanding of local and international business and market trends through a network of industry professionals.

  • He/she is tasked with collating, analysing and reporting all relevant functional information, requiring interaction with all employees at all levels and regular reporting to the MD / Leader. 

  • Client Partnership: Ensures client satisfaction is a priority to self and others by building trust, confidence and satisfaction through giving & soliciting feedback and presenting research & data objectively when making recommendations. Acts as a client visionary by bringing a highly valued perspective based on a deep understanding of their business, issues and potential opportunities and objectives when positioning and promoting Mindshare services.

  • Exchange Facilitation: Utilises existing ideas and refines and adapts as appropriate; simulates creativity by using innovative brainstorming techniques. Contributes to ideas by applying deep knowledge of specialist areas, media channels and disciplines. Makes practical suggestions on how to improve the original thinking, always remaining true to the brief. Builds understanding in others by putting them into the real world context, clarifying ideas by using practical examples, analogies, demonstrations and storytelling etc 

  • Operations Management: Aligns inputs from groups and specialists and coordinates appropriate resources from across the network to make a unified decision with the client. Generates and communicates a shared goal and unifies a team in the pursuit of a common objective and takes responsibility for the collective performance.