Social Media Executive

Social Media & Content Baghdad, Iraq


Position at Mindshare

Job Purpose                   

The Social Media Executive supports the Social Media Manager to manage client relationships on assigned accounts with key responsibility for social media plan creation, implementation, buzz monitoring & insights, engagement, content curation & social media project management.

The Social Media Executive is responsible for developing and delivering a range of social media services across the business, developing client’s social media communication strategies, creating social media content, engagement frameworks and activation tactics for the clients.




·        Responsibility for hands on interaction within social media presences using agreed tools, find out what works, tweak and improve communications, tactics, campaigns etc. while responding to changes within social networks.

·        Develop and maintain client relationships; attend, present and provide counsel at all significant agency-client media meetings.

·        Coordinate between 3rd parties such as creative suppliers, moderators with other parts of the organization to ensure aligned marketing and online marketing strategy is being delivered.

·        Working with the SM Manager, produce a cohesive social media plan that includes communications goals and brings together different buying disciplines for integration across media channels, informed by research or insights and considering the channel contact plan or client brief.

·        Assist the SM Manager to ensure the appropriate and detailed media mix for plan implementation and manage final budget allocation by medium and aid in the associated booking, billing and account management.

·        Manage the communities in terms of scope of work for moderation and engagement highlighting important and relevant information with all parties as and when they emerge.

·        Utilize great social media etiquette skills to ensure you deliver the right message online, help people, stimulate discussions, encourage debate etc. ‘Think on your feet’ real time content writing in Arabic and English, online discussion, interactions etc.

·        Monitor and present relevant data, trends, successes, exceptions through reporting on a regular basis, proactively setting new goals for the communities.

·        To constantly monitor the remit functionality; to maintain accurate, up-to-date records and submit regular monthly reports to agreed standards as required to ensure the remit’s effectiveness is maximized and its activities are in line with overall group strategy.

·        To constantly look for ways to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the job. 

·        To build strong relationships with stakeholders on assigned accounts. The jobholder should also develop an understanding of local and international business and market trends through establishing a network of industry professionals.           




This role requires multi-disciplinary competence to handle social media planning and execution in a timely manner.             

Considerable mental agility and the ability to ‘think on your feet’ will be required whilst always maintaining a positive image and professional standards.



Success Measures                       

·        Quantitative measures of meeting deadlines, implementation, monitoring, accuracy & contributions to award winning work.

·        Qualitative measures include the degrees of integration, coordination with other functions/departments and externally the relationships with media suppliers and clients.        

·        Combined quantitative and qualitative measures will include the proper activation & execution of social media campaigns and where the jobholder can ‘add value’ to clients and/or the business.



Knowledge & Experience                         

·        A relevant business degree and up to 2 years of social media experience including exposure to community management and online social media strategies and the implementation process.

·        Experience of agency-client relationships and familiarity with the agency proprietary and industry software and applications.

·        Competent quantitative and analytical skills, detail oriented with exceptional critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. Ability to multi-task, work successfully with teams, and work under pressure.

·        Awareness of key client markets, personnel, issues, processes, goals and requirements.

·        Fluent in English and Arabic.



Specific Competencies 

·        Negotiation skills

·        Creativity

·        Numerate and Accountable

·        Original Thinking                  

·        Inventive

·        Connected