GroupM | Programmatic Campaign Specialist

Performance Milan, Italy



GroupM is looking for a Campaign Manager.

She/He is expected to create, launch, and maintain online ad campaigns in multiple DSP platforms. Additionally, She/He will provide actionable campaign insights to both external customers and internal teams.


  • Build and traffic campaigns in DSP platforms
  • Analyse campaign performance and make recommendations for optimization
  • Develop strong and effective audience targeted plans in accordance with campaign objectives (branding / performance) and targeting strategy
  • Own campaign performance and pacing while recommending opportunities for optimization
  • Regular review of performance of campaigns across revenue, performance, and pacing
  • Analyse performance to understand value provided by DSPs and other vendors
  • Design and implement tests to evaluate DSP platforms / DMP data activation and feature performance
  • Work with internal teams to create Real-time Optimization strategies that align with campaign goals, delivery, and performance


  • 1 – 3-year trading experience in digital advertising
  • 1 – 2 years of digital media analytics experience landscape, RTB/Programmatic buying experience
  • Quick learner who loves to pick up new tools/software for reporting & analysis
  • Organized, detail oriented and highly focused.
  • Good technical communicator – can work with DSP teams to build features you need
  • People person – can work with client and internal teams to plan and optimize campaigns for performance
  • Cool under pressure and able to concentrate in the middle of any chaos
  • Passion for online advertising technology
  • Knowledge of main DPSs and experience with algorithm / automation tools
  • Familiarity of how websites and online ads work
  • HTML/JavaScript
  • Familiarity with ad servers, rich media vendors, web debugging and troubleshooting tools


Assago (MI)