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Precision Lead
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About Wavemaker Precision

Wavemaker UK has brought all its specialists in data-driven marketing into one unit, Wavemaker Precision, focused on accelerating digital transformation for brands. WM Precision is a high-performance digital-first unit made up of experts which cover five core pillars. The pillars include:

Marketing technology, Analytics, Precision Planning, Platforms and Data Strategy

Activation specialists across programmatic, social media and paid search will sit under the Platforms pillar, consultancy functions such as organic performance, programmatic strategy and ecommerce will work within Precision Planning.

WM Precision consists of c.220 specialists in London and Manchester, with an ambition to be the most distinctive and admired data-driven marketing practitioners in the UK. We will do this through:

  • A single-minded focus on advancing clients’ digital marketing maturity through technical innovation, analytical rigour and a culture of continuous learning and optimisation
  • An agile operating model designed to help clients take control of their digital investment, including support for the creation of in-house capabilities
  • Certified specialist expertise in leading marketing technology and media platforms, and a strong ethos of partnership and innovation with tech and digital media businesses
  • A technology-powered service model with a development roadmap focused on original data science to automate and optimise marketing delivery
  • A culture that rewards expertise and invests in training and developing specialist talent
  • A commitment to driving higher standards in digital media quality, transparency and the responsible use of data

Precision Planning:

We think digital transformation needs focus and expertise. Each Wavemaker client group with significant digital spend will have a Precision Lead, they will work within the Precision Planning pillar.  The Precision Lead will be responsible for:

  1. Driving progress against the WM Precision Maturity Framework, a set of 12 indicators and scorecards for data-driven marketing maturity.
  2. Ensuring high compliance and innovation against the Precision Deployment Model, our standards for high-quality precision digital activation within Rapid Growth Planning (covering Audiences, Journeys, Content and Optimisation)
  3. Assumes control of the overall digital channel investment and ensures WM commercial considerations are taken into account
  4. Working with Wavemaker product owners, and with Data Directors on larger accounts, to ensure the right capabilities and technology are in place on the account to advance precision marketing.
  5. Working ‘upstream’ with Journey Design to ensure outputs from the RGP Diagnose and Decide phases are translated into credible precision marketing approaches.
  6. Working ‘downstream’ with Platform Leads and activation teams to ensure that the precision marketing approach is activated with rigour and innovation.
  7. Being accountable to Journey Delivery Leads and Account Direction for the timely, high-quality delivery of precision marketing on the account,
  8. Working closely with Journey Delivery to adopt Agile Workflow principles – visualising and valuing work, whilst prioritising tasks with the relevant Platform Leads and activation specialists.
  9. Collaboration with the Data & Tech teams, as well as identifying new opportunities to advance their clients through the suite of Precision Analytics solutions

The Precision Lead for a client group will have a split reporting line - into the General Manager or Managing Partner for that group, as well as the Head of Precision Planning.


Precision Lead requirements:

To perform effectively, the Precision Lead will need to be a credible, practical advocate for precision marketing excellence within his or her client group. This means demonstrating the following characteristics:

  1. An operational lead capable of inspiring and managing great work from activation specialists (PPC, Programmatic, Social, Affiliates) and from specialists in Precision Planning disciplines (Organic Performance, Ecommerce, Programmatic Strategy).
  2. A detail-orientated champion for original, intelligent precision marketing work on every brief, who will work to get the best out of technology, data, audiences and activation.
  3. Able to build credible, expertise-based working relationships with senior digital marketing and media clients.
  4. A pragmatist and a collaborator who can work effectively with peers to design solutions, especially Data Directors and Platform Leads within his or her client group.
  5. A good translator of strategic marketing requirements (developed by Journey Design) into practical precision marketing activation plans that balance rigour, innovation and learning.
  6. A trusted adviser to the General Manager/Managing Partner on how to plan, scope and run precision marketing activity, including troubleshooting and quality control.


Responsible for Commercial Best Practice:

The Precision Lead is a senior member of the digital community, so will naturally take responsibility for the commercial function of digital investment within their client group.  These tasks will include:

  • Overall accountability for ensuring digital team follow financial process, this includes reconciliation within the allotted window & SOX compliance for all clients within group.
  • On audited and PRF’d clients, the Precision Lead takes responsibility of the necessary tracking and delivery as outlined in the client contract.
  • Working collaboratively with trading leads to deliver the agreed investment profile for your client, including the delivery of forecasts.
  • Responsibility for designing what the proprietary offering looks like for the client, and being able to confidently speak to clients about our offering.
  • Thinking ahead, spotting the warning signs as much as the opportunities on your clients, in turn identifying ways to protect or increase revenue and income.


The performance of the Precision Lead will be measured against the adoption of precision marketing within their client group, the consistency and efficacy of the Precision Deployment Model and of Agile Workflow within those hubs, and the overall progress of our clients against the Precision Maturity Framework. Objectives will be set jointly by the General Manager/Managing Partner and the Head of Precision Planning, bearing in mind the client’s overall strategic growth needs and our precision marketing ambition.

The Precision Lead role will suit candidates with deep digital or performance marketing expertise, with a strong track record of quality and innovation in implementational planning or activation. The role will stretch these candidates by asking them to take responsibility for the advancement of a client group’s whole precision marketing output and the fitness of our operating model to deliver this.

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