Senior Media Executive

Social Media & Content Cairo, NA


Position at MediaCom

The Senior Media Executive supports the Media Manager with multi-channel media planning activities across an assigned portfolio of clients. 


Job responsibilities: 

  • To develop a deep understanding of all media channels and how each is planned, evaluated and optimized.
  • To monitor all competitive activities and develop competitive reports for various accounts on a regular basis.
  • To support the Manager and the Connection Planner on the POE Audit.
  • To support the Manager in developing the Connections Plan using the planning tools where applicable e.g. Web Karma, Mallocator, M benchmark.
  • To support the Manager in devising the channels' strategy: define the channels' role, identify how the brand will behave in the channel and specify the components that will be optimized within each channel.
  • To support the Manager in adapting all selected channels to deliver the strategic direction & connections architecture.
  • To work with the Manager on devising the optimized multi-channel media plan and manage the final budget allocation by medium taking into account the Connections Plan and the brief from the Connection Planner.
  • To support the Manager in liaising with various media groups that contribute to the overall media plan development process.
  • To support Manager in developing media plan rationales.
  • To brief ad ops team on the campaign and ensure implementation and stewardship of all components of the media plan and ensure all media deliverables are met on time.
  • To work with the team on monitoring the results of campaigns, and optimizing the performance.
  • To ensure reports are sent to the client as per the agreed frequency and agreed on template along with proper analysis, learnings, and recommendations.
  • To support the Manager in organizing regular meetings with the client to discuss the performance of the activities utilizing the loop room when and where needed.
  • To support the Manager in monitoring account profitability including looking for growth potential within existing accounts and aid in related accountability and billing.
  • To support the Manager in selling Mediacom proprietary media to clients.
  • To support the Manager in identifying, developing and managing multi-channel innovation opportunities, working closely with connection planning and Invention Studio and client leadership to effectively coordinate and communicate these opportunities to the client.
  • To work closely with the Manager and media partners to create tailored proposals and opportunities for an account based on brand’s objectives and goals.