Wavemaker | Strategic Planner

Data & Analytics Bangkok, Thailand


Position at Wavemaker

Overview of job:

Wavemaker is an agency of GroupM, the world’s largest media investment company and are a part of WPP. In fact, we are responsible for one in every three ads you see globally. We are currently looking for a Strategic Planner. 

3 best things about the job:

  1. A learning environment with mentorship 
  2. Opportunities to work across local and international client and agency teams
  3. Performance driven role with a focus on growing business

Measures of success –

In three months, you would have:

  • Adapted and bonded with the internal team across the agency
  • Overseen past work and plans to the best of your ability
  • Gained initial client trust and comfort level to drive their business

In six months, you would have:

  • Driven strategic plans for your clients
  • Shown significant signs of growth potential.

In 12 months, you would have:

  • Grown existing client businesses
  • Mentored and trained your team to be better at their core skills

Responsibilities of the role: 

  • Experience in strategy and planning within an integrated agency environment
  • A track record of successfully delivering strategic projects
  • A lateral and creative thinker with the ability to make complex topics understandable
  • Innately inquisitive about human behavior, society and culture
  • Conversant with different research methodologies and capable of knowing how and when to apply them
  • A deep understanding of the intricacies of the customer experience in an omni-channel world
  • Clear ability to deliver cross-channel strategy

What you will need: 

  • Energy, intellect, charm, curiosity, humility, vision, a passion for what planners do, hands-on working style, leadership qualities.
  • 2 years planning experience at an advertising agency
  • A self-starting, motivated, willingness to continually learn and uncover and actively share new insights are mandatory

More about Wavemaker

Wavemaker is a billion dollar-revenue next generation agency that sits at the intersection of media, content and technology.  We are obsessed with the customer's purchase journey and is what connects our mission directly to our client’s business challenges. We invented WM Momentum, the world's most comprehensive study into how people make purchase decisions and have conducted over 375,000 surveys in 70 markets and across more than 30 categories. We are a business that is powered by the creativity and curiosity of our 8,500 people in 90 countries, united by our PACED values. We are a part of GroupM, WPP’s global media investment management company.

For more information, go to www.wavemakerglobal.com

About Thailand

In a population of 66 million people, Thailand’s mobile penetration is at a whopping 137% with smart phone penetration at 61%. Digital spend has grown 18% year-on-year since 2016 and most people are now accessing the internet via mobile devices. Bangkok is one of the top Facebook cities in the world and Thailand ranks high in time spend viewing YouTube.

The audience fragmentation, following years of a virtual FTA TV duopoly, is creating huge trading and content opportunities. Thailand is one of the fastest-growing media and marketing communication markets in the region. Those looking for a rewarding and dynamic career in media have no better place to be than Thailand.