GroupM Services | Market Head

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Position at GroupM

Overview of job:

In this role you will be responsible for providing leadership across the teams comprising GroupM Services. These teams include:

  • Campaign delivery and management (biddable and non-biddable)
  • Reporting & Tracking

Reporting of the role

This role reports to both the GroupM Market CEO and the Regional Head of GroupM Services

3 Best things about the job:

  1. Building the future: A new campaign delivery operating model for the Group to service the business needs of the agencies
  2. Establishing best practice: Working with all key stakeholders to define the success metrics for GroupM Services incorporating best-in-class quality assurance approach with continual improvement
  3. Leading a large and critically important function within the Group

In this role, your goals will be:
In three months:

  • Launched new GroupM Services teams and begun monthly reporting on the Operational Performance metrics for GroupM Services
  • Have grasped the strategic priorities for GroupM Services, engaged agency and other business stakeholders in fully understanding their needs and put in place the foundations for a collaborative relationship.
  • Hired and put-in-place key hires to be the drivers of GroupM Services team as well as a broader team.
  • Built alignment to the overarching business needs and successfully communicated to the team
  • Conducted a 90 day review to review progress achievements and identify short term gaps
  • Cascaded KPI and SMART goals that are aligned to stakeholders needs


In six months:

  • Built senior level relationships and earned the trust of the agencies through an engagement process and active listening and responding to their queries and concerns.
  • Engaged with the Top clients to ensure that campaign delivery goals are being met and receive feedback.
  • Aligned with the Data and Technology team on the strategic roadmap for Platforms and Technologies impacting GroupM Services
  • Developed an ‘automation roadmap’ targeting key opportunities for improvement
  • Have built a thorough understanding of GroupM Services’ operations and processes and provided feedback to the Regional Process Team on areas of improvement


In 12 months:

  • Operated a scaled team, with excellent performance credentials that supports the agencies with new business as well as existing clients
  • Successfully onboarded the new media system (to replace existing systems) with minimal disruption or downtime.
  • Developed a succession plan for key roles in the team.
  • Built strong relationships across internal stakeholders and key Clients.


What will you be doing?

  • Be the hands-on leader; playing both an ambassadorial role and at the same time acting as the operational manager of GroupM Services and the teams
  • Establish a culture of success by building a high-performance team in campaign delivery and reporting, leveraging existing Talent and recruitment of specialists, ensuring training, certification and career development skills are developed to support Group and individual’s growth plans
  • Establish a ‘one-team’ mentality that ensures consistent level of excellence across GroupM Services, with clearly communicated goals and targets that are achieved whilst supporting GroupM values
  • Monitoring of campaign and reporting service delivery with senior leaders, assessing process and structural improvements, leveraging technology to automation, whilst being responsible for ensuring GroupM Services has resources and management support
  • Collaboration with agency stakeholders to understand needs and anticipate areas for improvement
  • Prepare and deliver regular reports and analysis to explain key performance and leading indicators. Troubleshoot and pro-actively manage business challenges


What we are looking for from you.

A business leader who has

  • Proven capability in managing a large diverse team. Demonstrated ability to deliver ‘service excellence’ to customers
  • Comfortable of operating in an ambiguous environment, where matrix stakeholders need to be engaged and managed. Capable of influencing through persuasion and not necessarily control
  • Has implemented strategic change within a large organisation and delivered operational excellence with process orientation
  • Experienced in the operations of a media agency with an understanding of processes required to deliver campaign delivery management and tracking & reporting.
  • Has successfully motivated and lead cross functional teams
  • Proven track record in establishing high levels of stakeholder satisfaction.


Role requirements:

  • Highly knowledgeable on the media agency operational process with at least 15 years of progressive experience
  • Comfortable with handling (up to) C-level clients and agency management
  • Assertive yet diplomatic – prepared to fight for the right cause and lead from the front
  • Able to manage a budget/P&L for GroupM Services
  • Inspiring communicator with clear written and verbal communication skills
  • Able to deliver excellent results consistently
  • Focussed and able to maintain perspective
  • Energetic, enthusiastic, charismatic and resilient