Essence | Senior Planner

Comms & Strategic Planning Shanghai, China


Position at Essence

Reporting of the role

This role reports to: Strategy


3 best things about the job:

  1. Becoming the expert of marketing activities by working with an integrated team of creative, media and performance.
  2. Leverage and collaborate with the best of WPP network and resources across China and globally
  3. Essence will help you to achieve the career goal, especially in the field of data-led marketing and communication solutions


Strategy Senior Planner of Communication/Media Strategy


Responsibilities of the role:

  • Analyze consumer panel data, market and industry trends to generate compelling strategic insights as the basis for communications strategies.
  • Competitors’ tracking and reporting. Analyze media and content opportunities across platforms and competitors, provide recommend strategies, interactions or approaches.
  • Keep up-to-date with media trends and platform innovations, and be able to translate these knowledge into communication.
  • Begin connecting disparate information from across disciplines and topics to generate actionable ideas and insights.
  • Prepare case studies, stay the front of the marketing and industry.
  • Deliver strategic response for key new business pitches, e.g. market/consumer studies, communication/media strategy.
  • Drive quality of agency output through white papers, award entries and thought leadership projects.
  • Participate in meetings both internal & with clients.


Tasks & Measurement

In three months:

  • Understood the roles and offerings of the different teams and specialists within Essence and GroupM
  • Supported your manager and the team to deliver client projects
  • Establish trusted relationship with planning team
  • Master various data and research tools, e.g. eTelmar, Kantar and other data tools
  • Develop key learnings from competitive reports, reviews and campaign results
  • Played a crucial role in developing media strategies and activations
  • Attend GroupM and media roadshows to stay up-to-date on media trends

In six months:

  • Become a trusted partner to your seniors and your peers
  • Communicate with major media partners to turn market offerings to marketing solutions
  • Provide directions and frameworks in campaign proposals
  • Establish effective way of working with planning team and other disciplines
  • Facilitate team leader in crafting whitepapers and thought leadership

In 12 months:

  • Develop campaign strategy with minimal supervision
  • Created award-worthy campaign activations that are recognized as ‘best-in-class’
  • Develop one research/deep-dive marketing studies
  • Localize one of the Essence global offerings/strategic frameworks in China market
  • Build up strong strategic thinking with commercial sense


What you will need:

  • Mindset is crucial to success in this role. We’re looking for an open-minded, ambitious individual with a ‘can-do’ attitude and willingness to try new things. You will have a desire not just to develop great strategic thinking, but also to help our planners turn it into award-winning executions across any channel
  • Research Skills: You will have extensive experience in what we call “smart” research. Knowing what questions and hypotheses will get you to the stickiest insights is crucial.
  • Insight development: You should have experience in writing fresh insights based on research, industry knowledge, human behavior and other stimuli that lead to great work.
  • You’ll be passionate about making great work happen and be excited about the opportunities data has to drive both effectiveness and creativity on plans. You will have the ability to fuse qualitative and quantitative thinking, simplifying the complex to story tell clear solutions
  • Fluent written and spoken English and Chinese are a must – you will be working closely with foreign clients as well as local media partners
  • Proficient in Microsoft, good at data visualization is a plus.
  • Detail oriented, data sensitive.
  • Always willing to learn and in a good manner.


Minimum qualifications (for TA’s reference):

  • 1 years’ experience in media agencies as a planner or strategist
  • Deep insight of marketing activities and campaigns, especially in media strategy
  • Strong understanding on young generation consumers and be able to convert that into communication directions and media ideas
  • The ability to manage multiple projects and meet aggressive deadlines
  • The ability to work across different groups and leading stakeholders to drive excellent result