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Position at Wavemaker

Job Title: Chief Transformation Officer, Asia-Pacific

The role of Chief Transformation Officer sits as a key driver of improving capabilities in the Wavemaker Structure. Wavemaker has invested heavily in recent years to develop it product offering that will drive new revenue streams and fuel client growth. This role will seek to develop an integrated strategy that takes and anticipates the needs of our clients, both present and future, and develops a suite of products and services that puts Wavemaker at the forefront of the industry and brings its positive provocation attitude to life. 


Reporting to: APAC CEO, Wavemaker

The three best things about the role

  • I have a remit to drive innovation, able to impact not only media but the clients’ business as a whole
  • I am empowered to develop the right products and services to deliver growth
  • I get to work as a part of a dynamic, experienced leadership team in our key growth region


About the role

This role lies at the intersection of Strategy, Data and Digital. The Chief Transformation Officer (CTO) will be a person with the academic and interpersonal capabilities to lead and manage senior clients, lead and inspire, directly and indirectly, the talented data and analytics practitioners across Asia Pacific. This role sits on the Wavemaker Asia-Pacific Executive Committee and will be a key voice in leading the continuing organizational evolution of the company, putting data and technology at its very heart. This requires a progressive, outward facing presence and mindset. 


Accelerating our client’s growth: many of the most challenging questions from clients are in the area of digital and data. While we have capability in some areas both at Wavemaker and GroupM, the majority of our resource today is focused on operational activity. You will focus on meeting the expectation from our clients that Wavemaker take a leading role in driving organizational change, guiding them through the vast array of new possibilities and translate this into a motivating and compelling vision and action. 

Growing our people: you will also seek to attract, develop and retain industry leading talent, driving a client centric organization and have a clear focus on growth of winning new clients and contributing to a positive P&L through the products and services that Wavemaker and the group develops.

Growing our data & analytics capabilities: in analytics we do great work, however it tends to be inward focused on bespoke projects that do not scale across the company to impact the broader organization. As the CTO, you will bring more progressive analytical methods that advance us beyond MM and regression analysis, to take advantage of the possibilities of machine learning, AI, social, search, e-commerce, and real-time data capture. 

Driving our agency point of difference: in digital, we have strong operational prowess in discrete areas, but also lack a bigger perspective and agency positioning on digital that can drive a stronger purpose amongst our digital teams, shifting them from being reactive and operational to being able to advise, guide and execute within a connected system.

The role will have a clear mandate in three key aspects:


Client Digital Transformation

The role will develop a deep understanding of our top 10-15 global client businesses and transformation needs. The will via consultation develop strategies that utilize the Wavemaker, GroupM and WPP capabilities across Performance, Digital, eCommerce, Data Fueled audiences and content to create best in class solutions that drive our client’s growth.


External Relationships

The role will lead Wavemaker relationships with our key technology and global media vendors such as Facebook, Google, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Salesforce, Adobe, Tencent, Bytedance, Alibaba Group. It will drive partnership and co-create strategies that leverage capabilities for Wavemaker and its clients. They will drive regular business review meetings and develop partnered initiatives unique to Wavemaker. They will build close partnerships to ensure we understand their latest developments (not just at a product level but at a technological level) and can leverage those to the benefit of Wavemaker and our clients. 

Worldwide Consultancy

The Chief Transformation Officer will build and lead our APAC Consultancy hub services. The group will develop the expertise of services both globally as well as locally in market and continue to evolve and develop market leading offerings and services for Wavemaker, primarily in the fields of eCommerce, Analytics, Data, Technology, Content and Precision/Performance marketing. It will line manage the heads of practice to embed and develop a strong team ethic and approach, which will partner with our clients, markets and other capabilities in driving growth for Wavemaker. The role will drive help drive the organic growth target set out in Wavemaker annual plan.


What you’ll need

  • Experience building successful relationships with C-level executives, particularly CMOs, in matters of strategic substance
  • Proven ability to transform business performance and client/customer relationships
  • Deep marketing expertise, with focus in the areas of technology, data, digital, CRM or media. Brand-building experience is a plus, but data-driven marketing experience should be the main driver
  • An ability to work well and collaboratively with senior peers and other WPP stakeholders
  • University level education in Behavioral Economics, Marketing, Strategy, Mathematics or Technology
  • Mathematics / Statistics capabilities to personally lead and further develop our Data and Analytics practice
  • Technical know-how and active interest to evaluate, integrate and leverage emerging new Data, Technology and Analytics possibilities from within WPP and with external partners
  • An active interest in Marketing Strategy, Psychology and influence
  • Proven ability to captivate and inspire audiences from junior to senior, internal and external
  • Ability to lead teams, develop a motivating vision and connect that to meaningful and valuable operational execution
  • A burning desire to be leading member of a team that is transforming the communications industry


About Wavemaker

Wavemaker is a new kind of global agency delivering world-class solutions through media, content and technology. 7,600 Wavemakers in 90 countries with $33B in billings create these transformative solutions for some of the world’s biggest brands. Our point of difference is our unrivalled collection of Purchase Journey data.

At Wavemaker, everything we do is designed to help our clients grow their business. 

We know from experience that exceptional growth requires uncomfortable change.  Growth needs us to be provocative, even fearless. We know it is not easy.  We do our best work for brave brands and people who relish being challenged to go further and faster, together. 

Our approach to growth is rooted in our attitude of Positive Provocation.  As partners, it is our job to be knowledgeable enough about a client’s business to not only support them, but also challenge them to go further. 

To learn more about Positive Provocation please check out our video at Wavemakerglobal.com/the-story-of-us


About Singapore


GroupM Singapore operates in one of the most dynamic and exciting environments in the world. Although it is a small domestic market, there is a vibrant media industry which is undergoing rapid evolution as digital technology reshapes the way marketing supports advertisers’ needs. Being at the crossroads of Asia means, that aside from the local clients and media owners, we also have a high proportion of multi-national clients, renowned brands and media owners. Making GroupM Singapore the Number One organisation to join and develop your career in media investment.

GroupM is an equal opportunity employer. We view everyone as an individual and we understand that inclusion is more than just diversity – it’s about belonging. We celebrate the fact that everyone is unique and that’s what makes us so good at what we do. We pride ourselves on being a company that embraces difference and truly represents the global clients we work with.