Bioinformatics & Data Science Cambridge, MA


Company Profile

Gritstone Oncology is a public, next-generation personalized cancer and infectious immunotherapy company. Gritstone brings together distinguished scientific founders, an experienced and diverse management team, a seasoned and successful board of directors and deep financial backing to tackle fundamental challenges at the intersection of cancer genomics, immunology, and immunotherapy design. The company’s goal is to identify and deploy neoantigens for novel treatments of cancer and infectious diseases. In addition to neoantigen therapy development, Gritstone is leveraging its unique antigen discovery platform to define targets for shared antigen immunotherapies, which would provide an opportunity to treat even more patients.

Position Summary

The Bioinformatics and Data Science team is looking for a motivated and experienced scientist who is passionate about computational cancer biology and playing an important role in therapeutic discovery. The scientist will explore diverse datasets spanning from research to clinical and will lead cross-functional collaborations. Specific responsibilities include:

  • Multi-omic analysis of human samples for therapeutic target discovery and biomarker development
  • ctDNA/cfDNA research
  • Development of algorithms, statistical methods, and pipelines for NGS data analysis

  • PhD in Comp Biology, Bioinformatics, Oncology, Immunology, or related field
  • 5+ years of post-PhD experience in computational cancer biology
  • Hands-on expertise in multi-omic data analysis and ctDNA/cfDNA research
  • Experience in analyzing public datasets such as TCGA, GTEx
  • Experience in closely collaborating with experimental biologists/immunologists
  • Passionate about good coding practices, reproducibility, and documentation
  • Deep understanding of immuno-oncology, oncology, and immunology
  • Desire to keep up with relevant literature and analysis tools
  • Excellent presentation and written/verbal communication skills.
  • Ability to work effectively in a fast-paced environment.
  • Passion for learning and collaborating, and a strong desire to make a difference