.NET Engineer

.NET Development St.Petersburg, Poland Saratov, Poland Kharkiv, Poland Lviv, Poland Kraków, Poland Belgrade, Poland Kyiv, Poland Wroclaw, Poland


You will be participating in the innovative solution for the end-to-end digital supply chain solution that provides paperless solutions for transportation services (shippers, freight distributors, drivers, and others).

Your responsibilities will include architecture design and implementation of the .NET-based solution, close collaboration with the business team and technical team from the customer side located in the United States. As a key engineer, you will be responsible for the overall development processes and code quality, including collaboration with the QA and DevOps engineers to facilitate the usage of the best practices and tools within the project.

Besides developing new systems and features you will be responsible for challenging tasks to migrate existing solutions from monolithic to microservices architecture.
  • Design system architecture
  • Migrate system from the monolith to microservices architecture and from .Net 4.5 to .Net Core.
  • Develop and maintain a software solution
  • Facilitates development best practices (code reviews, unit testing, and others) within the team
  • Research of new tools, technologies, and product opportunities
  • Participate in requirements analysis for new product features.
  • Mentor engineers, contribute to the internal internship program
Qualifications and Experience
  • 3+ years of software development experience
  • Knowledge of C#. .Net 4.5+, ASP.Net
  • SQL ( SQL Server’s Transact-SQL is preferable)
  • TFS or Git
  • Good communication skills
  • Good written and spoken English

We offer

  • Amazing colleagues to work with, share, and learn from
  • High-energy atmosphere of a growing and successful company
  • Very attractive compensation package with generous benefits 

About us

Grid Dynamics is a world-class expert company with highly scalable distributed solutions and CI/CD. We help one of the biggest financial companies on the East Coast to solve the challenging problems that affect the entire development organizations, like building enterprise web services with millisecond response time, or improving development processes by introducing Agile, test automation, TDD, and CI/CD processes.