DevOps Engineer

Cloud & DevOps Engineering Guadalajara, Mexico


Position at Tacit Knowledge

Tacit Knowledge is a software solutions consultancy, specializing in E-commerce, with roots in Silicon Valley. With offices in North America and Europe, we’re a community of like-minded people who craft sustainable software solutions and care about the success of our teammates and clients.

Our business is built on the foundation of attracting, growing and retaining a talented and motivated team. We encourage our employees to speak up, use their initiative and take responsibility. 

Problem solvers at heart, we love complex challenges and we've never encountered a problem for which we couldn't find a solution. We leverage our collective experience to deliver optimal results across a broad spectrum of business and technology challenges.

At Tacit Knowledge you will:

As a Devops/Infrastructure engineer  for Tacit Knowledge, you will be responsible for delivering software and infrastructure solutions in the following areas:

  • Automated infrastructure provisioning, configuration, and continuous integration/deployment.
  • System security implementations, reviews, and recommendations for commercial customers.
  • Leading performance tuning, troubleshooting, and diagnosis at the system, platform, and container/virtual machine levels.
  • Platform infrastructure reviews, risk analyses, recommendations, and capacity planning
  • Development project automation and environment promotion support.
  • In-house consulting expertise for communication with clients, project leads and software developers across multiple projects.
  • Delivering solutions on HaaS cloud systems.


  •  Linux (GNU, CentOS, Ubuntu, Arch, Debian, SuSE)
  •  Networking
  • Databases (relational (SQL), non-relational, Aurora, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL server)
  • Git, mercurial or svn (source control)
  • HTTP protocol, web servers (apache, httpd, Nginx)
  • LoadBalancing (httpd, Nginx, haproxy)
  • Scripting and automation (Python, Perl, Ruby, Bash, Go)


  • CI/CD (Jenkins, Travis, spinnaker) 
  • Configuration management; infrastructure as code (chef, ansible, salt stack)
  • Containers: Docker (strongly desired) and Kubernetes
  • Cloud: IAAS (AWS, GCP, Azure, VMWare)