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Application FAQ

Can I send my application by e-mail?
No, applications by e-mail are not processed. We have set up our job portal for this purpose, where you can apply for a job with us. There we keep an overview and can guarantee that all applications will be processed. Therefore we ask you to refrain from sending us applications by e-mail.
Does the application have to be in English?
As we are in the process of internationalizing, you will only find our job advertisements in English. However, you can decide for yourself whether you want to write your application in English or German. We are especially interested in the person behind the application - so both the personal and the professional side are important to us.
Is it possible to work only in your home office (remote)?
No, unfortunately it is not possible to work only from home. Since we all work closely together across departments, the general presence in the office is more effective for everyone. You can work very well on our three floors of light-flooded loft office - promised! But it is, of course, possible to work from home on individual days. All that is required is a brief consultation with your team.
Is it possible to do job shadowing at Greator?
Due to our many appointments, we cannot guarantee a fair accompaniment for job shadowing.
Can I complete a dual course of studies at Greator?
No, currently this is not possible with us. But please have a look at our job page. Maybe there is an open position for you.
Can I write my Master's or Bachelor's thesis with you?
Unfortunately, we do not currently offer you the opportunity to write your Master's or Bachelor's thesis with us.
Do you offer trainee positions or can I do professional training with you?
No, we currently don’t offer trainee positions or professional trainings at Greator. But you are welcome to have a look at our job page. Maybe there is an open position for you.
How long does an internship with you last?
An internship lasts at least 6 months, both for compulsory internships and voluntary internships.
Do you offer student jobs?
No, unfortunately, we do not offer any working student jobs at the moment.
Does Greator have any other locations besides Cologne?
Currently our only location is in the beautiful Belgian Quarter in Cologne.
Where can I send an unsolicited application?
You can find the sentence "If you don't see a role that fits your profile, then apply with our General Application" on our open positions page. There you can click on "General Application" and send us your unsolicited application.
Do I also need a cover letter?
A cover letter is not mandatory for us. However, it does give you the opportunity to tell us a little more about yourself. This way we can get to know you better in advance and find out why you have applied to us.
Is it possible to work as a coach with you?
No. We do not offer coaching positions at Greator. The coaches and speakers we work with work on an independent basis.
How does the application process work?
Our application process consists of several steps. After the screening of your application, a first telephone interview with a member of the Human Resources department takes place. Here we can see if your values match ours and if they fit into our team culture. In addition, the first general conditions, such as your probationary period and period of notice, are agreed upon. Afterward, you will have a second telephone interview with a hiring manager who will test your professional knowledge more intensively. If both telephone interviews are positive, a personal interview day will be organized at our headquarters in Cologne. On this day you will get to know four employees from different departments. Finally, there will be a final interview with our managing director Alexander Müller.
Can I visit you personally in advance to get an impression of the team and the premises?
Unfortunately that is not possible. If you have any questions in advance, you can always send us an e-mail or arrange a telephone call. We will gladly take the time to answer your questions.
Where can I contact by telephone if I have questions (e.g. about a specific job advertisement)?
Please send an e-mail to [email protected]. We will get in touch with you to arrange a joint call.
Which application documents do you need?
We definitely need a meaningful resume from you. Optionally you can enclose a letter of motivation, certificates, and references. If you have one, your LinkedIn account is also good information to include.