Product Owner (m/f/d)

Product Development, Product Management, UX/UI & Co. Köln, Belgisches Viertel



First and foremost, you’re like us: a positive monster. We’re not just giving you a job, we’re inviting you into our community. ​That's why it's important for you to fit into our team. We already assume you’re a qualified ​professional and you’re passionate ​about what you do. You love taking ​responsibility and are good at balancing ​priorities​. You’re happy to go on a journey that takes you out of your ​comfort zone​. You love to ​challenge the status quo and are constantly coming up with ​big ideas​. You will sometimes need to find quick solutions​. And most importantly, you’re an inspiring ​human being who likes to be surrounded by them.

       Ask yourself honestly: does this sound like you? If so, read on.


  • Advance the strategy for our products – You develop the strategic roadmap for our product development with your scrum team using your deep understanding of the customers, the competition, and the key trends.  
  • Decide what to do with a product – Your job is to define the what behind the how: What tasks your team needs to carry out and what are the priorities. You’ll manage the backlog, write user epics and stories, define to-dos, communicate with our developers and manage the releases.
  • Research our users and their needs – Understanding our customers is fundamental to our success. You’ll need to dive deep into the worlds of our users, finding out who they are and which needs and pains they have. And then work out how we can go about satisfying them by building highly engaging hook products.  You know how to build mockups and prototypes and how to test and optimize them.
  • You'll help us to build the best B2C products - Experienced in the development of B2C products and apps, you bring your knowledge of content and infotainment to the table.
  • Live an agile mindset – You’ll do more than just follow orders. You’ll be one of many brains looking at complex tasks. Working with a variety of values and frameworks, you and your team will micro-manage itself. Good communication skills are a must; an ego isn’t.
  • Play Champions League – You need to lever your knowledge to create a winning team. Extract every inch of potential, together. The team is responsible for its success. Know your role, apply discipline and innovate ways to keep us, and you, at the top of the game.
  • Personal and professional development – You’re passionate about personal and professional development. Not only do you want to help customers take their lives to the next level, you also want the same for yourself. You never want to stop learning.
  • Think big and grow with us - We are about to internationalize and reach for the stars. Your English and German skills are required.

If you’re a positive monster who’s hungry to drive personal and professional growth, get in touch now. It could be the best thing that happened to both of us.