Engineering Specialist

Technical Services Atlanta, Georgia Georgia


GCP Applied Technologies is looking for an Engineering Specialist to join it's team.  

Work Experience:

 At least 5 years experience in the concrete/construction industry. Has a thorough understanding of concrete, concreting materials, industry and construction methods. Knowledge of competitive products and services would be an asset.


Special Requirements (includes Necessary Language skills):

Excellent verbal, written and presentation skills.  Ability to work effectively with people. Includes significant travel and training with sales representatives in the Western United States and Canada.


Position Responsibilities:

  •  Promote GCP value added products with customers, contractors and specifiers
  •  Develop STRUX Fiber programs at key accounts
  •  Build and maintain relationships with key engineering & Design consultants to secure GCP position in project specifications.
  •  Obtain provincial or state DOT approvals for Verifi and other products as required.
  •  Coordinate new product introductions with Account Managers, Product Managers, Technical Service and District Managers.
  • Assist Account Managers with specialty product introductions to key accounts.
  • Work with Account Managers and Customers on product selection and specification review/modification for large projects.


  • Work with Technical Service to test and field control the first use of a new product by a specifying agency, ready mix producer or precast/prestress customer. 
  • Work with District Managers in developing district work plans for short and long-term goals and prioritizing key sales prospects and opportunities.


  • Follow up on engineering and specialty product leads Account Managers.
  • Keep District Managers and sales representatives apprised of any progress and/or any action required by them.
  •  Provide technical training for customers and GCP Sales personnel as needed
  • Prepare and give presentations and seminars to industry groups.
  • Represent GCP in industry organization technical committees when appropriate.

 Education Requirements:

Civil or Structural Engineering degree preferred.

P.E. preferred

Physical Requirements:


There are certain physical requirements for the testing role in this position and they include:

  • Must be able to lift 50 pounds (Unit Weight Test, Laboratory Concrete Trials, Aggregate Sampling)
  • Must be able to lift and push a wheelbarrow that weighs approximately 150 pounds when filled with concrete (Sampling Concrete)
  • Must be able to bend from the waist in order to perform some of these test.

 There are certain physical requirements for plant and/or construction site visits and they include:

  • Must be able to climb at least 3 flights of stairs.
  • Must be able to walk over terrain that will be uneven, slippery and cluttered.
  • Must be able to climb a ladder.
  • Must be able to walk reasonably long distances (Some plants and job sites could require walking 200 yards or more)
  • Must be able to stand for time intervals that may exceed 2 hours.


There are certain physical requirements for the office role in this position and they include:

  • Must be able to sit and use a computer for several hours at a time.


There are certain physical requirements for travel and they include:

  • Must be able to drive distances up to 500 miles.
  • Must be able to travel by air on flights up to 5 hours long.

 Report issues and opportunities to the Director of Technical Service on a monthly basis.