Senior Manager - Technology & Change, Internal Audit

Finance & Accounting London, United Kingdom


About us:

We want to help small businesses win. That’s why we’re here.

We connect small business owners to investors – to create jobs, help families and power economies – because we believe that people are made to do  more. And we want to help them get the finance they need to thrive, creating thousands of jobs as they drive the economy forward. With teams in London, San Francisco and Denver, we are fusing finance and tech to create new opportunities for those who want to achieve more.

About the role:

Since listing on the LSE in 2018, Funding Circle has operated an outsourced Internal Audit model. The business has grown significantly in size and complexity and is now in the process of bringing that function in-house operating a co-sourced model with specialist audits being performed by a third party provider.

We're looking for someone with technology, change, cyber and resilience experience to enhance the capability, credibility and impact of our new and growing Internal Audit team.


  • Help focus the Internal Audit plan on the areas that really matter;
  • Perform Internal Audit reviews across all aspects of technology, cyber and resilience risk, and major technology / operational change initiatives;
  • Senior level relationship management - develop influential relationships and provide meaningful challenge, insight and support;
  • Focus on bringing best practice, developing and championing the Internal Audit function as an objective, independent and critical business partner;
  • Prepare compelling and impactful reports for business stakeholders and the Board;
  • Delegate for Head of Audit where required.

 Skills Required:

  • 10+ year’s experience of providing assurance over cyber security, technology and systems resilience activities and major change programmes;
  • Proven ability to build and maintain senior-level relationships that balance support and insight with constructive challenge;
  • In-depth knowledge of audit methodologies and analytical skills;
  • Enthusiastic, passionate and self-motivated in using expertise to help support and deliver organisational strategic priorities;
  • Experience in delivering a portfolio of audit work across a range of activities.
  • Previous People Management experience, trained tutor for IT Audits. 
  • Experience of auditing CRM applications such as Salesforce
  • Experience auditing Unix and Windows operating systems, SQL Server, and Oracle Database essential..
  • Proven Data analytics capability.
  • Computer Forensic and Fraud experience.
  • Cloud based services and Security.
  • CISA and ISACA qualified.

Closing date: 29 September 2020
Salary: Competitive