Per Diem Master Teacher/Instructional Coach (South FL)

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Position at Catapult Learning

Catapult Learning, LLC is looking for qualified and experienced Master Teachers/Instructional Coaches in South Florida! Catapult Learning is a provider of K−12 contracted instructional services to public and private schools throughout the US, specializing in at-risk youth and students who are struggling; we are a company with over 40 years of excellence in education.

We have schools in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties in need of PD and Coaching! The ideal candidate will be able to successfully model best practices in order to improve teaching quality in Elementary, Middle and/or High School classrooms. A FL Teaching certificate, Master's Degree, and at least 5 years of experience working with K- 12 students in a school setting are required. Expertise in literacy, writing, math, science and students with special needs is essential.

There are two primary functions in this role: presenting and coaching. The ideal candidate will leverage a deep knowledge of research-based best practice, take a hands-on approach to support educators across the content areas, and deliver engaging and exceptional professional learning experiences and job-embedded coaching support to improve teaching, learning, and organizational performance. 

This is per-diem position. You will be assigned PD and/or coaching assignments based on requests from the schools we serve. These requests are typically in-person DURING REGULAR SCHOOL HOURS, with occasional requests made for after-school, evenings, or weekends. We are unable to guarantee a certain number of work days per month, as the number of requests vary from month-to-month. You will be compensated based on the work done: PD training by each event presented; Coaching based on an 8 hour day (6 hours coaching, 2 hours of documentation).

A current FL Teaching Certificate is required for this position. Local candidates preferred. To expedite processing of your application, please include your certificate number and location on your resume.

Enjoy the Following Benefits:     

  • Competitive per diem pay     
  • Coaching content and framework provided     
  • Paid training      
  • Company support and quality assurance     
  • Opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of educators and students     

Job Duties:     

The items outlined below identify a number of tasks and responsibilities that cover the key areas of the education department’s expectations for this role, some of which may change throughout the course of the school year. Additional responsibilities may be assigned, as well.  

  • Workwith principals, department chairs, and teachers for schools in the region to support student achievement. 
  • Provides leadership to teachers by planning, collaborating, organizing, mentoring, and facilitating change to improve the instructional program. 
    • Provides support and assistance to all classroom teachers in the full and skillful implementation of the key competencies. 
    • Monitors and reviews all lesson plans to ensure that all necessary skills and content are strategically taught, and that students progress through the curriculum with an emphasis on mastery of relevant standards. 
    • Conducts demonstration lessons to ensure that all teachers have been trained to an advanced level of delivery and are using the instructional materials as designed. 
    • Assists teachers in building an interactive classroom environment focused on the content and learning strategies embedded in the curricular programs. 
  • Schedules, organizes, and facilitates collaborative instructional team meetings to assist in the analysis and utilization of assessment data (formative, summative) to improve student achievement and establish goals for improved instruction. 
    • Establishes and models guidelines with the department chair to effectively facilitate team meetings following a prepared agenda and identified action steps and outcomes to ensure the use of core learning skills, in addition to ensuring appropriate student progress through the subject curriculum. 
    • Conducts classroom observations and provides “next-step” support for all teachers. 
    • Monitors preparation and pacing of instruction to ensure mastery of relevant standards. 
  • Serves as a resource in identifying appropriate instructional strategies and interventions to improve student achievement for all students, including English learners, students enrolled in Special Education Programs, and students with diverse learning needs. 
    • Explores and assists in the implementation of effective intervention resources and strategies. 
    • Develops and monitors a school site support plan in coordination with the team leader. 
    • Works with the regional team members in planning for all schools’ success. 
    • Conducts site support visits in conjunction with members of the team, observing instruction in order to assess program implementation and future professional development needs. 
  • Assists schools with the consistent use of a structured planning framework to deliver lessons that reflect explicit planning to address students' differing levels, skills and learning styles, while incorporating technology, materials, and activities to create a highly-engaging experience for students. 
    • Assists department chairs and teachers with using a structured framework to deliberately plan for engaging lessons that accommodate the differing levels of all students. 
    • Assists teachers to ensure that all tasks and activities assigned to students are interesting, relevant, at the appropriate challenge level, engaging, and aligned to each student’s learning needs. 
    • Assistthe administration and department chairs with the cycle of lesson observations and provides constructive, one-on-one feedback to teachers, resulting in action-planning that targets teacher development and improves student achievement. 
  • Assists schools with their understanding of student achievement goals consistent with district expectations and available baseline and historical testing data. 
    • Analyzes all assessment data with the regional team in order to create individual student and/or teacher intervention plans. 
    • Assists schools with planning and preparing for appropriate, effective and timely   administration of standardized tests. 
    • Assists schools with identifying, planning, and undertaking appropriate “next-step” teaching for groups of students as indicated by the assessment process. 
    • Embeds norm-referenced and criterion-referenced test expectations and formats into regular daily instruction and assessment. 


  • Florida Teacher Certification   
  • Master’s Degree in specialty area (Reading/Language Arts, Math, Special Education or ELL) or Bachelor’s Degree with 10+ years of experience teaching the subject area in K-12 schools 
  • Minimum of 5 years' experience working with K-12 students in a school setting and a strong record of helping students achieve academic success 
  • Minimum of 3 years' experience as a Curriculum Coach or similar position 
  • Excellent knowledge of curriculum programs in area of specialization and of pedagogical approaches that have impact on student achievement and engagement 
  • Research, written, and oral communication skills 
  • Self-motivation and direction 
  • Advanced proficiencies with Microsoft Office suite of software, including MS Word, MS Excel, and PowerPoint 
  • A positive and growth-oriented attitude towards students, administration, parents, and other internal and external customers