Education Service Advisor

Military Salt Lake City, Utah


Position at Catapult Learning

The Education Services Advisor provides educational support to Army Reserve Soldiers and families for 88TH RSC,  Ft. Douglas, Salt Lake City, UT 84113. Advisors promote lifelong learning opportunities through degree programs, testing opportunities, credentialing  assistance (CA) and other certification programs available to Soldiers and family members. THIS IS A ONE YEAR TEMPORARY HIRE POSITION.

 Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Be professional and knowledgeable of all Army Continuing Education Services
  2. Respond to inquiries within three (3) business days.
  3. Acknowledge and determine the reason for customer's visit or contact and refer to the appropriate official.
  4. Provide general assistance to clients enrolling in the Army IgnitED
  5. Assist clients in establishing educational goals, develop plans to achieve those goals, and monitor.
  6. Ensure Statement of Understanding (SOU) is signed by authorized approving authority and thoroughly review enrollment procedures and withdrawal policies with each school.
  7. Ensure client completed required training prior to activating in Army IgnitED.
  8. Review and approve degree plan (DP) within three (3) business of receipt.
  9. Provide direct assistance to clients requesting Tuition Assistance (TA).
  10. Ensure TA request meets degree requirements.
  11. Review TA request for accuracy and all required information prior to forwarding to approving official.
  12. Contact clients via email/telephone within 24 hours of accepting case (Non- LOI or help desk cases) when additional information is required for TA.
  13. After requesting additional information from the client to complete TA request, two (2) follow-ups attempts shall be made 24 hours apart to assist with completing After two failed attempts to contact the client, the TA request will be rejected.
  14. Follow-up for all other inquiries after 48 hours of no response to first attempt to contact.
  15. Review client's previous academic history, to include but is not limited to transcripts, certifications, and Grade Point Average (GPA), manually calculate if needed, before granting semester hour
  16. Apply and/or remove holds to client's accounts in accordance with (lAVI) Army Regulation (AR) 625-1.
  17. Initiate review, resolve or forward Help Desk cases to appropriate case manager within three (3) business
  18. Review all facts concerning After-the-Fact TA request, document, and send forward to approving official.
  19. Review all facts concerning Exception to Policy request, document, and send forward to approving official.
  20. Review recoupment waiver request and ensure all pertinent information is present prior to sending forward for approval.
  21. Notify COR within 24 hours of forwarding cases/issues for their review.
  22. Work closely with Unit Administrators, keeping them informed on education changes/updates.
  23. Provide guidance to institutions concerning GAE invoicing, grading and student agreement
  24. Provide general information concerning Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FASFSA), scholarships and other financial information.
  25. Provide information on Veteran's Education Benefits to all Soldiers separating from Army
  26. Provide guidance to clients on the Post 9-11 Bill and Transfer of Education
  27. Guide and assist clients with Student Loan Repayment Program (SLRP)
  28. Solve discrepancies from past fiscal years invoices by working with schools, budget analyst and V/eb- Enabled Education Benefit System (V/EBS).
  29. Process and monitor refund/recoupment checks by recording information into V/EBS.
  30. Make budget adjustment in WEBS corresponding to the refund and forwarding check to the appropriate
  31. Assist in navigating through Veteran Administration (VA), FASFSA, and other educational related
  32. Assist clients in completing requirements for admission to a military school or
  33. Prepare and conduct Power Point Briefings for clients/units on general education information to include but not limited to testing, GAE, tuition assistance,
  34. Assist/Prepare Reports/documents using Excel/Power Point/Word for ACES headquarters/units/ commanders on general education
  35. Ensure meticulous documentation of verbal and written communication to GAE
  36. Document and maintain all services provided to clients through
  37. Complete appropriate training for Army IgnitED system to better service clients when they come in for
  38. Assist clients by providing guidance with CA program applications requirements as
  39. This job description is not all inclusive. There may be other duties, as assigned.

Work Environment:

This job operates in a professional environment. This role routinely uses standard office equipment such as computers, phones, photocopiers, filing cabinets and fax machines.


No travel is expected for this contract.

EEO Statement

Catapult Learning provides equal employment opportunity to all individuals regardless of their race, color, creed, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by state, federal, or local law.


 Education Service Advisor shall have Bachelor’s Degree from a college or university that is accredited by a national or regional accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and at least two years of relevant work experience in advising or education services. Relevant work experience may also count the time in a completed education related/advisor internship towards the two year acceptable work experience. OR

 An Associate’s Degree from a college or university that is accredited by a national or regional accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education may be substituted for Bachelor’s Degree if coupled with at least four years of relevant work experience in advising or education.

 Must be proficient with MS office computer programs (Word, PowerPoint, Excel), and ensure ability to access all required training tool

Must possess communicative skills (verbal & nonverbal)