1:1 Aide

Assistant Teachers/Paraprofessionals Lanham, Maryland


Position at SESI Schools

Our company is seeking out qualified and passionate Dedicated Aides to help guide students through specially designed education plans on a daily basis.

The teacher assistant will be responsible for collaborating with teachers to monitor the development of each child.
A general understanding of the teacher’s routine will be necessary when it comes to covering a classroom if the teacher is preoccupied. You will be required to work with all students in the building to promote their learning and pro-social development. In the event a student becomes a threat to themselves or others, it will be imperative that you provide support including the use of physical intervention techniques. You will assist with parent communication to keep them informed about their child’s development and any recent behavioral issues. Overall, general supervision within hallways, classrooms, cafeterias, and school yards will be the daily priority.

  • High School Diploma
  • College experience and or the completion of a bachelor’s degree preferred.
  • Experience working with middle or high school age students in an education or mentorship capacity
  • The ability to work and build relationships with students and families to help their school and behavioral progress.
  • A willingness to attend trainings and meetings to further your skill set.