Instructional Program Supervisor

Program Administration New York, New York Bronx, New York


Position at Catapult Learning


Manages instructional program to insure adherence to the Company educational standards; hires, trains and oversees the performance of teachers and assistants where applicable, assists with testing students, and oversees the conferencing of students, principals, classroom teachers and parents.  Works closely with the Education Quality Department to ensure the implementation of quality programming. Ensures customer satisfaction through problem solving and frequent communication.



ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following.  Other duties may be assigned.

  • Assure customer satisfaction, program quality assurance, and student achievement.
  • Reports concerns regarding instructional needs, materials and supplies.
  • Communicates with school principal and classroom teachers concerning program implementation.
  • Ensures customer service and program problems are communicated to the Regional Director or senior management immediately.
  • Communicate with the regional education quality manager regarding instructional issues and concerns.
  • Establishes a positive professional rapport with school staff, principals, and the school district.
  • Continues to grow the program and work towards renewal of contracts.
  • Oversees the organization and management of the program library. Recommends, purchases, and maintains materials and supplies. 
  • Through communication with Regional Director to assure safety and professional appearance of optimal learning environment of the Company classrooms.
  • Responsible for preparing teachers to successfully complete their quality assurance review and assuring that all teachers complete Company teacher training component.
  • Submits Monthly Reports to Regional Directors and Regional Educational Quality Managers, and other documents as necessary.


  • Trains and supervises teachers.  Supervision to include informal and formal lesson observations (formal to include Pre/PEP-conference, scheduled lesson observations and Post-conference.)
  • Provides assistance to teachers in the development of class schedules and instructional strategies to meet the needs of all participating students.
  • Prepares presentations for Monthly Team Meeting to address both instructional and business issues as required by the Regional Director and Instructional Support.
  • Assist teachers with the completion and submission of company, district, state, or federal required forms.
  • Provides guidance to teachers with record keeping procedures and ensures that the Company required plans and reports are maintained and updated properly.


Requires a bachelor’s degree and valid teaching certificate. At least two years related supervisory experience in education. Must be able to teach all basic skills or other related areas and interact with students and administrators.

Has the ability to handle multiple priorities and travel between multiple school sites. Must understand that all children can learn. Must demonstrate positive and enthusiastic attitude towards internal and external customers. Must be flexible. Working knowledge of Microsoft Office is a must.


PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT/WORKING CONDITIONS: Light lifting, walking, climbing stairs. Most programs are in school settings.