Professional Development Coach

Professional Development Hawaii Island, Hawaii Oahu, Hawaii Maui, Hawaii


Position at Catapult Learning

The purpose of this position is to provide coaching for elementary and middle school educators in order to improve the quality of instruction in the classroom. This role is consultative in the context of transformational learning with our partnered schools. Catapult Learning is seeking several Professional Development Coaches with expertise in a number of areas such as:

  • Leadership 
  • English Learners
  • Special Education
  • Early Literacy

This role is PER DIEM



ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Encourages participation and open discussion

  • Co-create sample lessons with educators
  • Research instructional strategies and resources
  • Model instructional strategies in classrooms
  • Provides teacher-led observations and targeted feedback
  • Facilitate and support professional development and group discussions with staff
  • Facilitate professional development workshops when needed
  • Ensure all educator professional development is delivered to the school partners' satisfaction
  • Provide coaching documentation as required by the operational support team
  • Communicates actively with all stakeholders regarding activities
  • Other duties may be assigned


  • Per Diem rates start at $480 per full day delivered and depend on the number of years of experience and
  • Candidate must already live in Hawai'i
    the level of education/expertise
  • All travel costs reimbursed 


  • BA/BS Degree in Education or related field and at least 5 years experience working with students in a K- 12th grade school setting
  • Experience teaching early literacy, English Learners, and Special Education
  • Experience successfully leading a school 
  • Experience delivering professional development workshops and coaching adults.
  • Master’s degree preferred but not required
  • Excellent organization and communication skills are essential